4 interesting things you can do with your reciprocating saw

As a remodeler, craftsman or even DIY-er, there’re many tools out there for carrying out different types of tasks at home or job site.
However, you’ll notice that it is quite hard to find one that can be used to carry out as many tasks as the reciprocating saw.

It’s almost like an all-in-one tool because of the different tasks for which it can be used for. Some people call it the sawzall, while some others named it the sabre saw.

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Basically, a reciprocating saw is simply a corded or cordless electric saw which employs the to-and-fro motion of a short blade for making cuts.
It is especially useful when you’re trying to cut materials that are hard to reach, due to its straight and streamline design.
The fact that it can be used to cut different kinds of materials, such as wood, metal, rubber, and plastic makes it even more useful.
In this post, we’ll be talking about some of the tasks or thing you can do with a reciprocating saw.

Cutting through nail-laden material

If there are nails in the material, you’re trying to cut, and you’re unable to pull them out, trying to cut that material (e.g., wood) using any other type of saw will not be unfruitful, but may also damage the saw you’re using.
To cut through any material that has nails embedded in it, all you have to use is all reciprocating saw which will easily slice through the material as well as the nails in it.

Making wall indentation

As a builder or remodeler, there’s always the need to make indentations on the wall of the building you’re building or remodeling by cutting through the fixed dry walls.

img source: proconstructionguide.com

For instance, if you want to hide electric wires in the walls, you have to cut through the drywall. One of the best tools you can use to do this is a reciprocating saw. With the reciprocating saw, you can cut any type of shape in the drywall depending on what you need it for.

Cut different materials

img source: homedepot.com

One simple reason why a reciprocating saw is used for demolition work is that it can cut through a different type of materials.
So, if you’re demolishing a building and you need to cut things down, make sure you take a reciprocating saw along with you.

Pruning trees and shrubs

Even if you’re not a home remodeler. If you’re a gardener, there are still tasks you can use a reciprocating saw to carry out in your garden, such as pruning the trees and shrubs in your yard or garden.
Just remember to fit the saw with a pruning reciprocating saw blade, and you’re all set to prune down those overgrown trees and shrubs.


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