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We at would bring to you in an undiluted manner, the happenings around Nigeria. This information’s would be circulated as events break round the clock. Poised to do our best, we deliver accurate, relevant and up-to-date news from all walks of life. About

A team poised and set up in order to serve you better resides with , making use of the latest (multimedia) technologies from pictures to audio/video packages. This team dedicated to their jobs would bring the happenings of people from different parts of Nigeria, places they must have been to, and how they survived over time would make us know about their real stories.

Our working dedicated staff uploads the website continuously throughout the day, and would focus on issues, topics and events that have to do with the generality of Nigeria. Also Celebrities, Politics, Governance, News in its varieties, Music, Videos, opinions and many more would all be brought to you on a daily basis.


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