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iKeyMonitor Android Spy App: Why It Is Important?

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App: Why It Is Important?

The need for spy apps in today’s world is going on increasing. The usage is not limited to spying purposes. It is also used in monitoring children’s activities, activities of employees and so on. Parents can deploy these apps in their kid’s devices and employers in their employee’s devices to monitor their activities. As a result, they can ensure there is no risk to their kids or business. In this article, we will discuss how these apps can be used to avoid potential risks.

Today’s world is not risk-free. We cannot blindly trust anyone. If you are an employer, you can’t blindly trust your employees. If you are a parent, you can’t be sure that your child is not vulnerable to any kind of exploitation. So, to ensure your valuable assets and your loved ones are safe, you need to monitor them. These are two cases where an Android spy app is important. But, these are not the only cases where android spy app is important. Now we will take an in-depth view of how spy apps can ensure safety and eliminate potential threats.

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App: Why It Is Important?

How Android Spy App Will Help You

Now let us consider you are a business owner and have several employees working for you. You can’t monitor each and every activity of all your employees. Also, you can’t blindly trust all your employees. This can be harmful for your business. A good spy app can help you out in such situations. With the help of a spy app, you can keep an eye on the activities of your employee.

Not only a spy app helps business owners, but also it is a parental control tool. As you already know, these days due to the wide coverage of the internet anyone can access any content. This is a great advantage. But, it might be a disadvantage. Children can access adult content which might not have a positive impact on the child. With an Android spy app, you will be able to access the browser history of your child’s Android phone or tablet.

Is There Any Android Spy App with Such Features?

Yes, definitely. There are many apps for spying purpose. One of the most trusted apps is iKeyMonitor, an Android spy application packed with powerful monitoring features.

Call Recording

A professional spy app for Android supports the recording of call conversations. iKeyMonitor does. With this feature, you can listen to what your children are talking about on the calls. If they are in danger or do something dangerous, you can take action to protect or correct them at once.

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App: Why It Is Important?

Social Chats Logging

It supports the monitoring of some popular social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, WeChat and more. You can check the text messages and voice messages sent and received in these apps. It’s good to know what children have done recently, how they felt, whether they need help to bypass the hard situations.

Key Logger

iKeyMonitor also has advanced features like a key logger. With keystroke logging feature, you will be able to know which keys the user enters on the target Android phone. In this way, everything becomes transparent to you.

Automatic Screenshots

iKeyMonitor can capture screenshots of screen activities on the target Android device automatically by alert words or on a pre-defined time interval.


You can even set up the boundary for your children’s phone. When they leave or enter this region, you will get Email alerts as soon as possible. If children are in danger, you can take action to protect them or find them quickly.

iKeyMonitor Android Spy App: Why It Is Important?

Screen Time Limit

Screen time limit is another outstanding feature of iKeyMonitor. You don’t need to worry that your children spend too much time on the phone screen because you can set allowed screen time limit on the phone.

App Blocker

As for the unwanted apps and games which may harm children’s spiritual health and distract children from the study, you can use app blocker to block these apps temporarily or all the time. Besides, children won’t know that you block them. In this way, they will focus on their homework. You can allow them to play these apps when they have good performance. Isn’t it amazing?

These days due to the vast improvement in technology, android spy apps are equipped with extraordinary capabilities. iKeyMonitor is an amazing spy app for Android phones and tablets. It has all advanced features like keylogging, auto screenshots, browser history spy, geo-fencing and many more.

Coming to a conclusion, it is far better to prevent a disease than to cure it. So, it is better to be informed about what is going on behind you. An Android spy app like iKeyMonitor keeps you informed about the activities going on behind your back.

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