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Story: To Love And To Leave…Part 6

“I’m home alone, will you come over”? those words kept ringing in my head. it felt like an answer to long prayer. Bidemi had sent me an SMS early this morning asking if I’d come over to her place. The excitement in my heart can’t be over-emphasized. Since the time we saw at the park last week, She’s been quite busy, always having someplace to go with her mum. as at last night, she told me today would be a busy day just like the past few days but this morning she had sent me the message before i woke up, asking if I’d come over. i replied immediately i saw it, of course I’d come over i had said. i have nothing doing at home and even if i did, it will have to wait cause today, I’m seeing the love of my life. My phone rang and i bet you already know who it was…..
Ada: Small headed boy
Me: What’s up miss Mouths
Ada: Iya e
Me: hahaha… how are you dear?
Ada: I’m fine bestie. how are you too? Don’t tell me, i know you are fine because if you are not fine you wouldn’t have picked my call but since you have picked my call that means you are fine and from your voice i know you are even finer than fine…
Me: emmm….okay…guess i don’t have to answer that then. I would ask how your night was but i know you’d narrate the whole thing like a story book so i won’t ask
Ada: hahaha! bestie, are you now saying i talk too much ni?
ME: Rara o…. you don’t talk at all
Ada: So what’s up? how’s your day going to be today??
Me: Going to see the girl i told you about
Ada: Shey that girl you said you like that lives on your street ehn, who you said lives in a big house and her parents are very rich? shey that girl??
Me: Ehn that one
Ada: so both of you are an item now right?
Me: We’re not dating yet…..but we will
Ada: Whatever, I’m coming to lagos next week. My cousin who got married to a man that fought boxing in the Olympics that i told you about when we were both having lunch at that restaurant after the school gate, shey you remember? ehn ehn that my cousin asked that i come over and spend the break with her in Lagos.
Me: That’s a very long description, i thought i would have gotten used to it by now

Ada: Hahaha. you can’t bestie
Me: Let me know when you get to town so we can see. please drop the call and stop the delay, i have somewhere important to go
Ada: So am i not important?
Me: Of course you’re important to me but i have to go right now
Ada: Oya go!! Bye Bestie!!
Me: Take good care of yourself. Bye!
I hurriedly wore a chinos trouser and a polo shirt and quickly made my way out of the house and ready to see My love. I knocked twice before the gate flung open, we said our hellos and she gestured that i come in.
The compound was bigger than i envisaged. There was a playground covered in grass and it was the Only portion of the ground that wasn’t bricked interlocked , A play swing dangled on the playground, a chair and table to rest on sat at a far distance. On my left was a row of flowers that led to the swimming pool, a vehicle driveway that led to the car garage that was obviously bigger than the whole of my apartment. I could tell the garage was filled up already because 4 exotic cars were packed sparsely around the compound. She led me through a walkway that took us to the porch. We entered the main house and i could hardly hide the admiration on my face. A gold painted stairs that lead upstairs. Massive lightening bulbs were suspended at the center of the room. This is semi-heaven i said in my heart.
Bidemi: Welcome to our house
Me: You mean your paradise?
Bidemi: Oh please! Spare me me the flattery
Me: i meant every word of that Bidemi, your house is amazing
Bidemi: Thank you Dolapo. Lets go upstairs to my room
That send shivers down my spine. Her room?? Oh lord… i did nothing to deserve this blessing! I followed her up . Bidemi’s room was bigger than our sitting roon and kitchen combined. There was a sitting area, a study with chair and table, library was at the far right of the room. A flat screened sony TV hung by the wall and connected to it was a DVD player and a home theatre speakers two doors by the right, one of the doors was closed shut, i guessed that would be the toilet and bathing room, the other door was opened, i peeped in, it was her closet, i mean a whole store room used for keeping her clothes, bag and shoes. I have no doubt that this girl has never lacked a thing in her entire life.
Bidemi: Sit down Dolapo and what do i offer you?
Me: Actually i just ate at home
Bidemi: How about juice or wine?
Me: I’m okay.really! If i become hungry, i will let you know immediately.
Bidemi: Our cook is in the kitchen but i can prepare something for you
Me: As if you can cook….
Bidemi: of course i can cook. The cook only comes on weekdays but on weekends, my mom makes sure we do the cooking, My sister and I before she went back to school.
Me: Your mom is definitely a disciplinarian
Bidemi: Yea she flogs alot
Me: i better pray she doesn’t meet me here. i have a phobia for cane
Bidemi: Hahaha! you have nothing to worry about. my mom likes it when i have friends come over.
Me: Even when a.big dude like me is seen in your room?
Bidemi: Hahaha! There’s nothing to worry about unless if you’re trying to hurt me
Me: I’ll never hurt you or make you sad
Bidemi: That’s what you people always say
Me: Well… I’m different
Bidemi: You people say that too
Me: We who?
Bidemi: You boys! all of you! One time you promise heaven and earth, professing love and how we’re the ones on your mind . Only for us to wake up one day and discover it was all lies and you are far gone
Me: Wow… I’m sorry i upset you, i didn’t mean to

To Be Continued…



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