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Story: To Love And To Leave…Part 1

Ding! Ding! The alarm sounded at the worst of time. i had barely slept for an hour and the sleep is still very much in my eyes but i have to get out of bed now if i don’t want to miss the 6:00am bus trip to Lagos.
The past three month has been very hectic for me, endless hours of lectures and an even longer hours of staying behind in class to read and understand what the lecturer just taught. It’s my first year in the University and i feel the pressure already. I could have chosen to spend my time partying like most of my other colleagues but that’s just not an option for me, i’m here to get a degree and make my mother proud, that and nothing else.

I quickly got up from bed, looked at my roommate, Michael, as loud as the alarm was, i bet he didn’t hear it. You see Micheal can sleep through an earthquake, he sleeps 9pm every night and wakes up 10am in the morning and by 2pm he takes a nap again, he never misses his sleeps like he misses his lectures. I ran to the bathroom and wash up and in 20mins i was ready to leave. i carried my already packed luggage, looked around the room to see if i haven’t forgotten anything, i better not forget a thing, I’ll be away for 6weeks. That’s all we got for our first semester break.
I decided i need to wake Michael up, i tapped him and that had no effect so i tapped again, this time a little harder like i was beating a drum
Me: Michael! Ogbeni! wake up, i don they go lasgidi
Michael: (yearning ) why you con wake me up ? shey na me go drive you go ni?
Me: I just wanted to say goodbye
Michael: Mr. man dey go jare, bye bye! no wake me again o if you know sey you wan reach lasgidi in peace.

He turnes his back and before long he was snoring again. Michael is a final year student and i still wonder how he got there even with all the sleeping. i got out of the house and took a bike to the park and i was the last passenger, i paid and within 15 minutes we were already on the lagos/Ibadan expressway. My school, University of Ibadan has used up all the energy i had so i couldnt wait to go home, i couldnt wait to see my mom and brother, Wale. I have missed them all. But most importantly, i couldn’t wait to see Bidemi Adegboye! the girl who has had my heart for more than a year now, i have seen alot of girls in school but none has made me feel the way Bidemi makes me feel, she’s everything i want in a girl and she’s almost perfect and maybe this time when i get home i’ll finally have the courage to walk up to her and tell her how i really feel about her.
The trip ended faster than i expected and in no time i was in front of our house and knocking on the door, Wale opened and screamed my name
Wale: Dolapo ooooo!
Me: Wale oooooo
We both bust into laughter and shook hands. Wale who is 2 years younger than me has been my best friend since ever. Though we fight alot, especially at those times he forgets that i am his older brother and therefore deserves to be respected. He’s almost as tall as i am so to him, the 2 years gap doesn’t matter to him and often time he got punched in the mouth when he brings it up
Mom came out of the kitchen and had that priceless smile every son wishes to recieve from his mother. i postrated as i approached her
Me: Ekule Mummy (greetings)
Mom: Dolapo! Kaabo omo mi! Bawo ni irin ajo re (Dolapo! welcome my son! How was your trip)
Me: Fine o mummy
Mom:Thank God! i know you’re hungry, go and wash up, the Semo and Efo riro soup is almost ready
I have.dreamt of my mom’s soup for weeks in school, i couldn’t wait to devour it and leave no remnants. Wale and I went inside our room. Our house is just a two bedroom flat, that’s all my mom could afford and for a widow, no one can blame her.

I was a year and half old when Father died, Mom was pregnant with Wale. I remembered just a few details of Father, i remember i always sit on his lap and watch Sesame streets every Saturday morning. Father loved to listen to the news but would sit with as i watched my cartoons. He gave his name, Dolapo Martins Jr. I miss him everyday. He died in a ghastly motor accident, i was asleep when the news came, Mom screamed on top of her voice and no one could hold her down. Just 3 weeks after Father died some of my uncles drove Mother out of the house accusing her of using witchcraft to kill her husband.

Growing up was hard, we moved from places. It was especially hard for mother because Father didnt allow her to work, he worked hard and provided for his wife, son and unborn child. Mom gave birth to Wale 6 months after Father died, all he heard was stories about his father and pictures to see what he looked like. Mom was between jobs for years but finally when i was 12 she got a job as an accountant in a company, she spends her earnings just to take care of her two sons who eats like gluttons.
Wale snapped me out of my thinking with one of his numerous and annoying questions.
Wale: Dolly P! how the girls for UI
(Wale is only 17 but i know he’s spoken to or dated more girls than i could dream of)
Me: You this boy! when you get admission, you go see them yourself
Wale: I cant wait o, now that i have passed my WAEC na only Jamb remain
>Me: just prepare for it well o, we cant afford to disappoint Mom abeg
Wale: Trust me now.. i sabi book pass you
Me: My friend Shut up !!
(We both laughed at how silly we looked)
Me: (clears throat) so Wale tell me now, how far with Bidemi ??
Wale: (laughing) see you o! Mr lover lover. siddon there! you don miss show plenty
>Me: (curious) Abeg gist me, wetin happen…

>Wale: Na long story o, i no get time
” I said to myself, i walked faster picking the fallen apples, vigorously running after the apples which wouldn’t stop rolling away, one apple almost fell into the drainage, i made a quick dash, grabbed the apple and gbam! i fell inside the dirty water. I felt like a hero but all this time, Bidemi was looking at me in disbelieve. I stepped out of the drainage, soaked up and looked up at her
Bidemi?smiling) Thanks but you shouldn’t have bothered yourself. Those apples are spoilt already, i was actually going to throw them away. Anyways, thank you!
She turned and left before i could say a word. i looked down at the apples and noticed they are indeed spoilt. Damn! i fell inside a gutter just to save bad apples so i can impress a girl! F*ck me!! I was drenched in dirty water!
“Dolapo!!!! Your food is ready o come and eat
Sighs! Starting tomorrow, i have to summon courage to walk up to Bidemi and have a conversation with her, i know i have to, i just have to. Haven decided that, i made my way to the dinning table before Mom calls out again..

To Be Continued…

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