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STORY: Adventure With Aunty Caro… Part 4

Tania left for her room.
Caro : she’s my best friend but she’s one kind of a silly girl..
But are you truly starring at her [email protected] ??
Me : no oh..
Me : i want to drink water self..
Caro : let me quickly arrange this stuff, i will go and get water when
am through..
5 minutes later she’s through with what she was arranging, she went
out and not up 2 minutes she’s back with a bag of satchet water..i
took one and finished it.. I later changed my clothe and i was playing with my phone on bed, while caro was in the kitchen..
After almost spending 2 hours going in and coming out of the
kitchen the food is ready..
She prepared jollof Rice..

We were eating when the nepa brought the light..

It’s past 9 already before we finish eating, she plug and on her laptop she play one hollywood movie, have forgoten the name because am not a fan of watching movies..

She’s was gisting about school and about all the occupant in tha
building when someone bark in, she was one of the lady we met outside, she came to Borrow iron, she left immediately and we continue our gist… We slept
at past 12 that day..

The following morning she depart for school very early…she left home before 8.. Am still on bed then, she told me my food is in the kitchen..

I left the bed at past 10 went to the bathroom, brush my teeth, took my bath and later Gachop my meal.. Thereafter i retired to playing game on my phone.. Quit the game when the phone notify me my battery is less than 15percent.. And there’s no light.

I just vex go outside, i meet one guy outside..

D guy first dey ask me stupid question but we later roll..
Me : good morning
Guy : morning how far
Me : am good.
Guy : you are olabep right ?
Me : yea, why did you ask
Guy : tania told me about you..
Me : tania ?? *Surprised*
Guy : yea, your sister friend.
She told me you are a gunner too..
Me : yea, die hard fan
Guy : she came to watch our match highlight against westham when they brought the light yesternight.
Me : ok..
Guy : am abraham.. But my guys
call me lincoln
Me : nice meeting you bro.
lincoln : same here..
we go dey talk later. i wan quickly go see person for town..
Me: ok bro.
I sat on the balcony doing nothing.. Would have move inside… But heat for room na die..

Was just reminiscin how everything go be, when i remember have not call home since yesterday..

Brought out my phone and dial mummy’s no. Airtime dom finish..

And i no know anywhere for here now..

I went inside to get my wallet lock the door.. Move out of the compound come dey find where i
go card..

I don waka like 5 mins before i see where dem write WE SELL CARDS HERE

I enter buy mtn card 200..
I called mum and dad immediately after loading the card.

When i get home i meet lincoln outside trying to start small tiger
generator, I don dey happy. Atleast i go charge my phone.

He lead me to his room after he don start the gen.

I Plug my phone, went to get caro laptop too to help her it. Left his room 3pm.

Drop the laptop on the bed, pick up my wallet again storm out to buy

To Be Continued…



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