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STORY: Adventure With Aunty Caro… Part 2

“she replied dad that the four and half size bed will be okay for us
Right from day 1 we share both room but not same bed.. The problem is I do sleep Unclad when there’s heat what we now happen if I decided to sleep Unclad when theirs heat and she decided to sleep Unclad too..

That was what me was thinking not knowing my aunty had other motives. We gat to her hostel few minutes past 4.

The name of her hostel is EMPIRE LODGE ..We met three girls outside discussing.

What could have upset me that is if she introduce me to them as her brother.

Because i had started mapping out plan how am going to sample one of them, but thank God she
only told them to meet her new visitor, the three girls welcomed and asked for my name I told
them and they tell me theirs too which you too we get to know soon….

Even Though she told them am her junior brother, that won’t have cause much damages because am 15 years, but I possess a statue of a 19 years old boy . I am already starting to have beards, that development did not really freak me out because am really hairy,my broad voice is my killer asset, it do cover me up, when i don’t want to tell people my real age..

The driver help in parking stuffs inside before he left..

She stays in the first room on the left flank of the building, two out of the three girls we met outside
occupies the room opposite her’s.

The third girl stays alone too she occupies the 6th room on the left flank..

She’s helping me arrange my stuffs when I heard a knock
Ko ko ko
Ko ko ko

To Be Continued…



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