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STORY: Adventure With Aunty Caro… Part 1

Hello fellas this is a story about my adventure with Caro.

Before we kick start the gist let me give you some intro about myself and My ADVENTOROUS AUNTY CARO,

About my self;
My name is Olabep
Am 15 years old
Seeking admission into one of the best university in nigeria I think this little intro is okay by now,

About Aunty CARO
She’s 19 years old
She’s my sister but not biological nor even chemistrical, we are not related atall you we gets to know soon if you we be following the story, because I know you will be asking yourself how earth shes my sister and we are not related..

Don’t worry you will all get answer to the question soon A 200 level biochem student Now lets get it rolling, I had already cleared my ssce result when am in ss2 and thats last year so I use the opportunity to sat for utme this year and I had 264, what lead me to staying with her on campus
was that, I am write post utme in her school which will come up in 3 months time, and dad has told
me already that when is three months to exam that I will go and stay with caro in school, since I
was not doing anything at home.. He said am going to enroll for two months coaching on campus and when its a month to exam I should start reading on my own.

Am exited about the deal because that will be the first time of staying away from my parent.

The exam is scheduled to take place in september every Year so according to dads order I should
leave for school by june and we are still in april and I was eager to leave home to taste how living
without dad and mum is.

I had to beg mum to help me talk to dad that I want to go now that I cant wait till june thank GOD daddy accepted but the deal is still am going to enroll in a coaching by june to august..

Dad phoned caro immediately to inform her of the new development, that day was Friday dad told her to come home on Saturday so that the driver we drop us on Sunday. I went in immediately to start parking stuffs I we need.

Sunday is here we are already on our way to her school its just 2 hours journey.

But what keeps bothering me was her replied when dad wanted to give me money for bed

To Be Continued…



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