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Stephen Colbert: Impeaching Donald Trump Not “That Great Of An Idea”

Stephen Colbert talked with Diane Sawyer on late Show about her having interviewed Donald Trump back i n1999, when he was first flirting with running for POTUS, and not many people were taking him seriously.
Stephen Colbert: Impeaching Donald Trump Not “That Great Of An Idea”
“He was amazingly consistent about China and the trade war,” she said. “North Korea back then too.” She remembered asking now President Trump about his campaign “stunts,” to which he replied, “You call them stunts, but they energize me and people want me energized, so that’s why I gotta keep on doing them.”

She spoke of the “undertow” pulling the country apart, saying, “We are not talking to each other in a way that actually is making us illuminated about each other and how we got here.”

Colbert immediately threw back to the Richard Nixon White House . “I remember Watergate. We have a president now who is under investigation. Some people are calling for his impeachment. I don’t actually think that’s that great of an idea.,” he said.

“I think that if Donald Trump is to leave office, it should be through political means, not necessarily through judicial or extreme constitutional remedies.”

Then, by way of informing his viewers, Colbert told Sawyer, “You were in the Nixon White House.”

“How do you remember Nixon administration?” she wondered.

“Fondly, at this point,” Colbert snarked, then explained that while he was just a child during Watergate, it was his family’s viewing obsession.

“What was it like to be inside a White House under siege?” he asked her.

She first noted she was only in her early 20s, and described it as a lot of “Oh my god…inconceivable things. A break-in at the Watergate hotel?…The tapes? It was one thing after another.” She reminded Colbert left on the plane with Nixon on his resignation day, “Because he had asked… So I agreed to do it, because my dad always said ‘You have to measure yourself by whether you are there in the worst of times for people too’.”

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13 Apr 2018, 7:31 AM
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