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Arie Luyendyk’s Ex Airs Out ALL Of The Bachelor’s Dirty Laundry!

Arie Luyendyk’s Ex Airs Out ALL Of The Bachelor’s Dirty Laundry!

Arie Luyendyk Jr. has some skeletons in his closet.

As you know, The Bachelor ended quite controversially when the former race car driver broke up with his fiancée , Becca Kufrin , only to propose with the runner-up, Lauren Burnham .

Now, one of the real estate agent"s exes, Giustina Lee , is saying she"s not surprised at all by Arie"s behavior, as she was involved with him for the past FOUR year — as recently as August 2017!

The 29-year-old dished to :

"Arie has a little bit of Peter Pan syndrome in him, he never wants to grow up," Lee said. "He thinks of himself as a perpetual bachelor like George Clooney was known as before he married, he is no George Clooney."

She added:

"Arie is probably one of the nicest most sweetest and caring men I"ve met. He is the type of guy if some little old lady has car trouble he will be there. He is a great friend and will give you the shirt off his back. But when it comes to relationships he has no idea what to do, he just can"t seem to settle down."

Lee backed up her claims by recounting multiple times Arie played her — there were so many, we lost count!

Lee also said that she found out about Arie becoming ABC "s leading man just weeks after their latest rendezvous in Las Vegas:

"When I first heard the news of him being the new Bachelor, I thought it was fake news, then I laughed out loud. Arie has always said he was over the Bachelor thing, that he was never going to do it again and he was too old to do it even if he had wanted to, but I guess Arie was either lying to me about it or just changed his mind."

When asked if she had a message for the reality star, Lee said:

"You son of a bitch, even on a friend level defending you to my friends not thinking you were this guy who was making a mockery out of marriage, relationships and women and you completely just proved you were [this type of guy] by going on this show a second time."


"I want to tell Arie, he needs to take his relationship with Lauren seriously. You already broke her heart once, when you dumped her and went with Becca. Then you put her in the spotlight to ask her hand in marria ge. Could she even say no to the proposal?I hope that Lauren considers everything about Arie, just be careful. At any moment if you [Lauren] get a women"s intuition follow it."

And it turns out… Arie called Lee when he was done filming the Bachelor back in December:

"When I saw it was his number I hit "decline", he didn"t leave a message."

As for how things ended up with Becca and Lauren, Lee explained:

"I felt bad for her, but he has done this some many times to so many girls. Becca is the face of what he has done to countless women. How many women can he propose to?"

But her message for Becca is simple:

"I would say to Becca, you dodged a bullet, you got the better end of the deal. When I saw the clip of her crying when Arie was breaking up with her, telling her wants to try to rekindle this relationship with Lauren, I"ve heard that same line. It brought back memories of everything I felt for 4 years with Arie."

We guess only time will tell if Arie"s love for Lauren will last!

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