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Pregnant woman shot dead a day after brother’s funeral

Pregnant woman shot dead a day after brother’s funeral
Thirty-three-year-old Megan Goosen, who was six months pregnant,and another man have been shot dead in suspected gang violence.

Her family has already been in mourning after her brother’s funeral on Saturday.

The brother, Houston Goosen, was gunned down in Rembrandt Street, South Africa, last week.

It is believed Megan was trying to flee after rival gangs started shooting in the area just after 9 pm on Sunday.

Police say an unidentified man was killed in the same incident. It is not clear whether he was affiliated to any of the gangs or not.

Megan was found after homeowner Lucas Lyon saw her feet peeking out from behind his car.

She was lying on her side,with one Nike slippers on and the other lying next to her.

Lyon says his son asked him to check out the “suspicious feet” near the vehicle.

“My son woke me on Monday just after 7 am because he could see feet next to our car in the yard from the top floor. When we came down to see what was happening,we discovered a gruesome scene,” Lyon says.

A family member of Megan’s, who did not wish to be named for her own safety, says the family is already battling to deal with the death of her brother. And now she is also gone.

“I saw Megan on Saturday at her brother’s funeral. I still joked with her as she was wearing high heels and I told her she’d better walk carefully with those heels and her pregnant stomach.

“She was six months pregnant; why shoot her?” the relative asked.

Megan worked as a domestic worker at a house in Carnation Road and her employer says the mom-to-be was a trustworthy person.

“She was a wonderful person, she used to work in my home as a domestic worker and I never had any problems with Megan, I could trust her in my home,” the woman said.

Police spokesperson, Sinathi Joni, says no arrests have been made in either shooting.

“A murder case is under investigation following the discovery of the body of a 33-year-old woman in Scott's ville, Kraaifontein, on 19 March at approximately 7.45am on Monday.

“Circumstances surrounding the discovery are under investigation with no arrests at this stage,” Joni said.

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