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#BBNaija 2018: Bambam Shakes Things Up During The Nominations

#BBNaija 2018: Bambam Shakes Things Up During The Nominations

Being in the #bbnaija house is certainly not a bed of roses and if any of the housemates ever thought it was, the sharp thorns that come along with the roses are surely a sharp reminder for them to wake up.

The Nominations that took place on day 36 in the #bbnaija house was a sharp reminder for tge housemates to wake up as vindictiveness and downright game playing was evident.

It would have been pretty difficult for a fortune teller to predict how the #bbnaija housemates would swing during the nomiinations, especially after last week’s turn of events and the Eviction of unsuspecting Gelah (Angel and Ahneeka).

The #bbnaija Housemates were left ‘shook’ and the flavour of the game changed from mild to peppery. Mito (Miracle and Anto) seems to have been at the tip of the Housemates’ tongues because they topped the charts with a whopping 4 Nominations, one of which came from none other than Miracle’s BFF Tobi.

Karma however decided to come to play this week and this resulted in Tolex (Tobi and Alex) following the lead, with a total of 3 Nominations. Lifu (Leo and Ifu Ennada) and Tena (Teddy A and Nina) followed with two Nominations each and Ceelo (Cee-C and Lolu) with just one.

As always, the #bbnaija Housemates look forward to the Head of House challenge because of the immunity it confers on the winner, and as fate would have it, Bambam managed to snatch the win, guaranteeing her and Rico Swavey another week in the Big Brother House and most importantly, a step closer to 25 Million Nairaland.

After very little to no deliberation, the fortuned pair decided to save Tena and replace them with poor Ceelo, who thought they’d dodged the bullet only to have it change course and hit them where it hurts most.

The pair of Mito, Tolex, Lifu and Ceelo have been tried and tested this week. Even though they didn’t express much worry and showed to have understood that this is in fact a game, these potential Evictees have a lot on their plates and pressure is sure to build during the course of the week.

Seeing that almost all the #bbnaija housemates are involved in one form of romance or the other, the possible twists to the coming Evictions are sure to cause a stir and have the Housemates uncomfortable.

This is especially so for Alex and Nina, who seem to have taken their love interests to new heights.

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06 Mar 2018, 8:40 AM
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