2019: Why Nigeria Needs A Movement Not Political Parties - Pat Utomi

Ahead of the 2019 presidential election, a former presidential aspirant, Pat Utomi, has opened up on many political movements, adding that it is what the country needs instead of political parties.

Commenting on Nigeria political system and the race for 2019 elections, Mr. Pat Utomi posited that the country does not need many political parties as it exist today. He recommended that what Nigeria need is a movement that will form the perception of the masses.

According to SaharaReporters, theprofessor of political economy maintained that movements are meant to shapen the ideologies of political parties. He further advised existing movements to come together as one to determine the direction of the country’s political system. Pat Utomi

He also lamented that Nigeria political atmosphere lacks stronger citizenship behavior, noting the need for citizens to be more engaged in politics.

He said,“There are several initiatives like Restoration Group, NIM, and CNM, the one Obasanjo is generating. At some point, everybody should be able to talk to one another and say let’s not be splitting heads. To the best of my knowledge, what is required is the movement not so much political parties.”

“People from the movement can go into political parties that they desire to go into because movement is a consciousness thing.”

“We obviously are going to encourage people to go into their parties and reform them. If you are from the APC or any other party, you should take over the way things work to elevate the quality of engagement.” He added.

Noting the need for youth to be actively involved in the country’s politics, Utomi expressed that young people must be exposed and empowered to take over leadership positions in the country.

“We must begin to incorporate more young people. Young people today are more expose and one of the mistakes we make is saying young people are not smart. We must begin to socialize them, make them more active and involved and many of them can run this country.”

He further encouraged the youths to organize and take over the political space. He also added that youths could determine who attain each position in the country advising that they (youths) should vote differently.



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