The Best Summer Clothing Styles for Women – These Outfits Will Keep You Cool and Confident!

Dressing for the hot and sunny weather can be difficult – although you have the perfect shirt and pants combo that you have been wanting to wear for quite some time now, it might just be too hot for you to wear this outfit anytime soon. So what is the alter-native? You can dress in dresses and skirts to keep cool, but you also want to find some new ways to switch up the traditional floral dress and flats.

By keeping up to date with the latest trends, you can figure out the top summer styles for women’s wear that are perfect for hot summer months. Instead of suffering for your fashion, you can instead enjoy the coolness, comfort, and confidence you will gain from wearing one of these stylish outfits!

Let’s check out some examples of the best summer styles for walking around a city on a hot day, going to work in the middle of summer, or attending a party during the hottest part of the day in August!

The best summer styles for women to keep cool and stay confident!

Although trends are constantly changing, it is easy to keep up with the newest styles if you do some research, look at magazines, and browse online and in stores with the latest inspirations. By figuring out what you might want to wear and what looks good for your body type, you will enjoy dressing in these trendy and classic styles.

While you are searching for new looks to wear, you might be pleasantly surprised to find that vintage and throwback looks are making a comeback! Instead of just new styles that are taking the world by storm, like bucket hats that are finally resurfacing, many 90s style clothing is coming back in style as well. With denim, high-waisted clothes, tucked-in shirts, and graphic t-shirts all the rage, you can end up recycling some of your old clothes to match with the latest trends.

Mini skirts

One of the newest trends for the summer of 2021 that works well for keeping you cool. And providing a flattering shape for your body is the mini skirt. Mini skirts pair well with a variety of clothes, such as graphic t-shirts and sneakers for a casual look, a sweater and heels for a business look, or a tank top and a light jacket for a summer look.

You can easily dress up or dress down a mini skirt base on the occasion, making this a versatile piece that you can wear for casual or formal events. The good thing about a mini skirt is the lightweight material that makes it perfect for summer, since you will be cooled off while wearing this skirt.

Puff sleeves

If you are not interested in wearing a typical t-shirt or a sleeveless t-shirt because you don’t like your arms, you can wear a puff sleeve shirt to get the best of both worlds! Instead of tight sleeves that can make your arms hot and cause you to sweat during the hot summer days, you can find a beautiful puff sleeve shirt that is loose and flowing. Not only will this cool you off, but it adds an element of style and sophistication that makes puff sleeve shirts perfect for going to work, parties, or casual events.

Crop tops

Some people love them and some people hate them – however, we think crop tops can always be paired with something that is flattering for your body type! If you are self-conscious about your stomach, you can pair a crop top with a high-waisted skirt or a high-waisted pair of shorts so that nothing is showing. If you feel confident in your body, you can wear a crop top with lower-rise jeans or mid-rise jean shorts.

Crop tops can either be printed or plain and work well for pairing with fancy or casual clothing. Since they are so versatile, you can easily wear crop tops to any occasion. Browse to find the best crop tops for your body type, desired style, and personal preference.

Scarf shirts

Although this trend can be intimidating and daunting for those who do not show too much skin, this style is a great choice for the hot summer days where' you can’t possibly fathom wearing a t-shirt. If you want to show some skin and stay cool while in the hot weather, wear a scarf shirt.

You can use a scarf to either add a little bit of color and pop to your outfit, use as a hair accessory, or wrap it around yourself with a chain necklace to wear as a unique and interesting top. Go look online at to find a combination of scarves and chain necklaces that would make for one-of-a-kind shirts!


The final trend is taking the world by storm and is perfect for hot summer months. Although you might not think it, since boots can get hot, they pair well with any type of dress, skirt, or shorts, making them ideal for walking around on a hot day.

Especially if you live in a city and need to walk around to get from point A to point B, boots work well to keep your feet protected and add style to your outfit. Browse boots that would look good with sundresses or mini skirts, relaxing your outfit and adding a bit of flair to your summer wardrobe.


For those who want to spice up their summer wardrobe, without heating up, you can add these summer styles to your go-to outfit selection! When you are trying to find clothes for the hot weather, it can sometimes be difficult to find something that is comfortable AND stylish. However, with these choices, you have both! Consider pairing a mini skirt with a pair of winter boots for an urban chic look. Or you can create your own scarf shirt by using a brightly patterned scarf with a chain necklace. The options are endless!


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