The 4 Favourites for Copa Libertadores 2021

If we had to choose one of the favorite sports on a planetary level, then it would definitely be football. The sport that originated on the Old Continent is the most popular sport in the world. It is a sport that with its simple and spontaneous game full of excitement takes the breath away of the spectators for 94 minutes during a match. Popularity is everywhere', not just in Europe. The sport is number one in Europe, North America, Asia, Australia and South America where' there are numerous competitions organized on a continental and local level.

The 2021 edition of the Copa Libertadores is approaching and the bookmakers are already starting to define which are the main favourites for the matches and the title of this edition of the most important football event in Latin America. Some clubs have been standing out and are already getting more attention from bettors who see in betting a way to get great earnings. Argentina’s River Plate and the Brazilian teams Palmeiras and Flamengo already appear as the three favourite teams to win this year’s title. Although the tournament only starts in July this year, you can already take some points into consideration, which can help in the choice of bets.

The favourite teams for 2021

Each of us has a favorite team that we cheer for during one of the competitions. The favorite team can be selected according to several characteristics. Some of the characteristics that makes a team attractive for cheeringis to like the players and their game, their qualities and the skills they know. Then it can be because of the coach who has a great strategy and leads the team to victory. It may also be due to the formation made by the strategists who are engaged to work in the coordination of the team and the activities during the matches. There can be a number of things you like that end up saying that this is the team you have decided on and that you like about the formation of a football club.

Platforms specialised in sports betting already point out the favourite teams to win the Copa Libertadores in its 2021 edition. In addition to the analyses of the specialised websites, the main point of analysis to define the favourite teams and help influence the betting should be the performance of the teams that are already showing themselves as the central focus of the punters.

Flamengo, River Plate and Palmeiras are already the clubs that show favouritism to win this year’s Libertadores Cup. All three teams are coming from very good campaigns, have very concise squads and coaches that show the ability to turn tactics into victories.

1. Palmeiras

If someone stands out for something then he definitely stands out for some success or his continuous good game. Such is the case with this team led by a top coach and perfect strategists. It is about Palmeiras, a multiple champions and a proven team. Palmeiras are an obvious favourite mainly because they won the Libertadores last year under Portuguese coach Abel Fernando Moreira Ferreira, who took over the club last year.

With a desire to renew their style of play, Palmeiras’ board looked for a coach with more modern strategies and a more attacking vision of the game. After leaving the Greek team PAOK, Abel accepted Palmeiras’ proposal, which paid PAOK a fine of 600,000 euros to terminate the contract with the coach.

Abel’s debut for Palmeiras was the match against Bragantino in the return to the round of 16 in the Copa do Brasil, with a positive score of 1-0 for Palmeiras. The club then won the 2020 Copa Libertadores final against Santos, also 1-0, played at the Maracanã.

With a 1-0 win against Gremio and then a 2-0 win in the second leg, Palmeiras also won the

2. Brazil Cup

These recent titles, good campaigns and an understanding between- management, coach and players are factors that make Palmeiras one of the main candidates for this year’s title and, of course, a great option for betting.

3. River Plate

There are many clubs, but only a few that stand out locally or regionally. This is the case everywhere' in the world, even in South America. There are several clubs that are trying to reach the title with their enchanting game. One of those teams is River Plate from Argentina. It is a perfectly composed team that strives to be the best. The members of this team are top strategists as well as a coach who stands out for his decisions. That is why this formation is so successful and prominent in the world of football in this part of the world. It is another club with big favourites to win this year’s title is Argentina River Plate. Led by coach Marcelo Gallardo, who played in the club as a player in the 1990’s, the team comes from a series of conquests that make them an important name for bettors in 2021.

The team comes from a good phase under Marcelo: they won the Copa Sudamericana in 2014, the Recopa Sudamericana in 2015 (and the first edition of the Supercopa Euroamericana in the same year).

4. Flamengo

Known for great and convincing victories, it makes them recognizable to the world, but above all to the spectators from South America. The terribly good game and the great direction that came to this team during the last seasons brought only great results. It is about Flamengo, the miracle of South American football. After victories against LDU, La Calera and Velez in the group stage, Flamengo are showing that they are also a strong contender for this year’s Libertadores title – indeed, they are already the overwhelming favourites.

With coach Rogerio Ceni, who cemented his career as Sao Paulo goalkeeper and now heads the red-and-black team, Flamengo are going through one of their best phases. After a poor run as coach of Sao Paulo (largely due to decisions by the club’s board) and Cruzeiro, Ceni has done a much better job with the Flamengo team.

The main triumph was Flamengo’s victory in last year’s Brazilian Championship. But the team’s good run of form also includes victories in the Brazil Super Cup in 2020 and 2021 – as well as winning this year’s Carioca Championship.

With recent and consecutive wins in important championships, it is not hard to see that the team’s good cheer and positive phase will be reflected in this year’s Libertadores.

Being a strong team in Brazil, Flamengo is already rated as the main name to win the Latin American championship this year.

These are the teams that are expected a lot and that have the eyes of all the people from South America, but also those from the wider world who are passionate followers of football and competitions around the world. It remains to be seen what their results will be and what the outcome will be in the end.


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