What are the Requirements for H1B Visa – 2021 Guide

The new world we live in is a world for all. At the moment we are witnessing great globalization that opens the doors for everyone and everywhere'. Chances are there are many and you just need to seize them. A globalized world is a great benefit to each of us. Above all, it is a benefit to travel and get to know new cultures. Then the globalized world is an open door to changing places of residence and living in different countries at different periods of life. Globalization is simply an opportunity for all of us to do what we want – to travel anywhere' in the world, to explore the most beautiful parts of the world, to live in the parts of the world we love the most and, of course, to work in that part of the planet where' which we consider work to be a challenge.

A large number of people today are planning to migrate outside their country. But we do not mean complete emigration from our country, but rather a purposeful migration. Most people migrate to go and complete their education at one of the large universities located in more developed countries. In addition, a large number of people who have already completed their education are migrating due to work engagements. They go to other parts of the planet to work for one of the big companies. It is a challenge for them that must not be missed and of course, they do not miss it but go and do their best to show themselves in the best light.

People often choose the countries of the north and west of the world as a choice for moving to work. So as the most common locations, we can hear Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Canada, and the most popular choice for many people – the United States. Of all these countries, we would single out the United States as the most common choice for education, but mostly for work. A huge number of professionals of a certain age decide to go to the United States and work there. There they have the chance to upgrade even more and become part (temporarily) of one of the best companies in the world. It is a great achievement primarily for the people themselves, but it is also a great addition to the CV. But to go to the United States, they first need to find a job that they think they will like, then get the job and finally get a visa. To enter the United States, there is a visa for almost every entry, and in this case, it is an H1B visa. But what are the requirements they have from the visa office? Can anyone get this visa? We will answer this and many more questions today as we bring you the requirements that US authorities have before issuing your H1B visa.

Ready to find out more information? Let’s get started!

1. To get this type of visa you first need to be a bachelor in a certain popular and sought-after area of ​​a recognized university – the first thing that is required is very important. To be able to enter the United States and stay for 3 years (with the possibility of a 3-year extension) and work for one of the many large American companies in which case you will be required by the bureau to be a graduate student in a specific field with a minimum a bachelor’s degree or higher education such as a master’s or doctorate because only then will they know that you are qualified enough to enter the United States and work for them and for that society

2. Having a foreign degree that is relevant and has the same meaning as being a graduate student – the rules are not strict to get this visa. It is simply required that the candidate applying for a visa be sufficiently qualified and able to work in a good position and for a good company. Concrete proof is that other certificates are accepted, ie foreign degrees that are not issued by an official educational institution but are still issued by an organization that is recognized and known for offering quality education. If you are unsure whether you meet this requirement or any other requirement, feel free to visit immigrationlawnv.com and get a response or advice from an expert in this area to facilitate your application process.

3. You can also have some certification from state bodies and institutions or some certification that guarantees your knowledge and qualities – you also need not worry about this. Why do we say this? Because you can have the advantage of obtaining a visa even if you have been trained for something or have attended an academy organized by the state. The U.S. Bureau of Migration will also accept such a document which guarantees your knowledge, your expertise, and guarantees that you are an excellent expert who can be of great help working for one of the major companies in the United States.

4. Relevant experience, some training or specialty in a given area is also a big YES to entering the US with an H1B visa – if you have a specialty, ie you are a specialist in a certain area if you have completed a particularly good training that can be useful while working in a company or organization and if you have a lot of experience that is important, in that case, your chances of getting an H1B visa are high and are over 50% which means that the migration office could accept your application and approve you. visa for 3 years with the possibility of extending it.

These are just some of the biggest and most important requirements that the United States as a country and the Migration Bureau as an institution have for all H1B visa applicants. Therefore, if you find yourself in any of these applications you are ready to apply for a visa. Do not wait, go and gather a little experience that will help you a lot in life and you will gather an experience that will be very valuable when you return home.


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