8 Fun Things to Do in Las Vegas Besides Gambling or Partying

Every soul on this planet knows about Las Vegas and what it stands for. We all know that it is the world capital of gambling and partying. Some of us have experienced LV while most of us desire to experience what it has to offer.

Most go to LV for insane parties and to feed their gambling desires, but there are people that wonder if there is more to LV than what it is known for?! Today’s article will tell you YES! There is more to LV than it meets the surface and today you will learn about the things that make it unique from any other city, and more.

This popular vacation site for most lives by night while daytime is reserved for long sleep and hangovers. The five-star casino-resorts and lavishing nightlife is what made it famous but there is a lot more to Sin City besides this and it can all be found right in the city and its surroundings that can offer a lot to the ordinary traveller.

Thanks to the gambling and party side of this city most of the travellers forget about things that are also available there and that are mind-blowing.
So without any further due here are the things you can do and see in LV besides the obvious!


Like any big city, LV offers its visitors a plethora of quality content like concerts, dancing and magical shows. Some of the world’s best performances are found right here in Las Vegas. Most tend to forget about these but you can really see a good show in LV and there have been concerts, fights and other contents that, technically, took place at a resort or a casino but qualify as a show side of the town, so if you want to check some of these keep your eyes peeled for the next big show that will be announced.

Hoover Dam

For the outdoorsy type of people, there is a place that you shouldn’t skip and it’s the famous Hoover Dam. This is the place that sounds a bit boring to the most, but there is a feeling you get caught in when you visit the dam and see it might, that is hard to explain. There is something about this structure, the heights, about the entire scenery that stretches all around that is both magnificent and scary at once.

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is another scenery that you must visit. Those mountains and the entire area is awesome and you can both hike it as well as drive in a loop that goes around it while staying at certain points to take pictures that will knock you off your feet. If you tend to go there while it’s sunset or sunrise you will see why it is so drawing and magical. The colours and the feelings are hard to explain but when you see it for yourself you will understand.

Viva Las Arepas

If you get tired and hungry while looking for these new locations beyond casinos and hotels then you need to visit the Old LV and try the food at Viva Las Arepas. The food here is awesome, tasty and the prices are incredibly OK. The atmosphere is awesome, and you get the benefit of seeing LV in a different light other than the ones shining on the strip.

Death Valley National Park

This attraction takes a bit of a drive from LV but believe me it is worth it. The feelings you will get from this visit to the national park will be mixed and to be honest this experience is a bit intense. Most of us don’t know how hot it is and you have to be well prepared for this. The temperature on the salt flats goes through the roof and you have to stock up on water and try to visit it either early in the morning or later at night if you want to have a better experience. Avoid the afternoon visits at all costs.

Sky Combat Ace

This is a great stop to make and try this attraction out. It will be a dream come true for all of you that feel like a daredevil and for all of you that love the adrenaline rush. Here you can choose different packages depending on your skill or fear (or lack of) and there is no way you can make a mistake with anyone you choose. You can be either a pilot or a passenger, it is all up to you and your skills. You have around 10 options to choose from and combinations of those which is a great offer for a great thing like this.

ET Highway

The extraterrestrial highway is the most known in the UFO community. This is THE highway where' most UFO sightings took place and it is the best place to visit if you like UFOs and all the things regarding them. It is somewhat scary because there is nothing around that highway for miles either way but one white mailbox that belongs to a farmer who lives several miles from that mailbox. The highway is right by Area 51 which is a bonus and a unique chance to visit the site but only where' you can, don’t go straying into Area 51 or you might get into serious problems.

Grand Canyon

Does it need any explanations? The Grand Canyon is a site that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime. The particular site we are talking about is the Grand Canyon West which is the point you can visit as a day trip from Las Vegas.

There are hop-on and hop-off busses you can take to check out several different points on the Grand Canyon with a gift shop on the end where' you can buy a souvenir that will remind you of this day. Make sure to take a lot of pictures because the view is far from incredible.


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