5 Best Cities for Students to Study in Spain

Universities around the world have already opened their doors to a new round of students who will continue to expand their knowledge from September this year. The first applications have already started to be filled, and students are waiting to see if their application will be accepted by the university they dreamed of studying at.

Many young people who have just finished high school have no idea where' they can continue their education. Whether to follow their desire and become what they have always wanted and realize their childhood dream or to follow the desire of their parents and become what they are today. This moment is the decisive one, which will make you what you have been imagining for some five or ten years from now. But it is not just a question of which faculty you will study at, but you must also decide whether to do it at a local university or to decide on a faculty abroad.

However, many young people decide to continue their university studies abroad. Why is that? Because many countries offer benefits for international students, the list of benefits includes:

– Well-structured educational system

– Top study programs from all fields of study

– Scholarship studies

– Monitoring the program in English

– Opportunity to obtain a work visa, which can provide full and part-time work and many others

As destinations for future studies, many students decide to apply to numerous universities in England, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Slovenia, and many others. The list of possible faculties for continuing education is endless, but the time to make the right choice is getting shorter and shorter, and the vacancies at universities are decreasing day by day.

Spain is one of the most attractive places for students to study. You must be wondering why Spain is from so many countries around the world. According to some researches from all the member states of the European Union, Spain is the leading country when it comes to universities, it has about 80 people spread all over the country. And these are just some of the newly opened faculties in the last 70 years. So let’s see which cities are among the best where' you can study that are ranked high on the list, we can list 5 of them, and these are the following.

1. Seville

Spanish universities have the lowest tuition fees of any university in Europe, and even private universities are drastically cheaper than those in the rest of Europe. And unlike other countries, these educational institutions offer a well-organized and diverse educational system. So if you have budget constraints, our recommendation for you is exactly Sevilla, not only does the university there offer lower tuition fees but also the cost of living is much cheaper than other cities in Spain. Studying in this city can bring you some benefits, such as the wonderful traditional food and the many sights that adorn the city.

2. Madrid

Although it is one of the most expensive cities to live in Spain, this is not an obstacle for young students to choose as a destination for their studies. There is always the option of living in a rented room with a roommate, or if you have a work visa you can find a job whether full-time or part-time. And this way you can reduce your monthly expenses. The language barrier may be a problem for you because they speak fluently and quickly and with your little knowledge of the language you have a problem in communicating with the inhabitants. There is no need to panic because we have the right place to learn Spanish in no time. Expanish.com offers you the opportunity to choose for yourself what level of knowledge you need, whether you want to study in a group or take private lessons, as well as the time for which you want to learn the language. Knowing the language can help you a lot to make new contacts and form new acquaintances and friendships throughout the city.

3. Granada

This is the location of some of the best universities in the country. What this beautiful city has to offer, you can only see with your own eyes to believe in its beauty. What this city can offer you, apart from the impeccable education, is exactly the rich architecture that adorns it, the exciting history of the city, the delicious food, you will have the opportunity to meet the wonderful population there. You will simply have everything you need for a complete student experience in this city.

4. Barcelona

In my opinion, this is one of the most beautiful cities in Spanish territory and beyond. Although unfortunately, I have no experience with this city, neither student nor tourist, I can tell you with confidence that if your decision is exactly Barcelona, ​​you will not go wrong in any case. Especially if you are artistically minded because Barcelona is an urban city that gladly welcomes young students from abroad. You will surely fall in love with the city and wish you never left it. And the moments you create here will forever remain in your memory.

5. Valencia

What attracts students in this city, in addition to the wide range of study programs, is precisely the attractive nightlife and beautiful beaches. Valencia is home to festivals that take place every year, bringing visitors from all over Europe and beyond. Apart from getting a great education, you will taste the best paella that comes from this city and you will get the best entertainment for young people that exists.

No matter which of the above destinations you decide on, you will not go wrong. The very thought of being in one of these locations makes you sigh. The opportunity to have a degree from one of the best universities in Europe, which is recognized in the world, makes you start the application for studies at the same time. So do not waste time imagining your study and life there, but immediately start with an action that would make your idea a reality. Choose wisely what profession you imagine yourself in and do whatever it takes to make that dream come true.


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