The Truth Behind Some Of The Most Damaging Myths About Buying Loose Diamonds Online

The world of trade and commerce is in a state of transition. From the good old brick-and-mortar setup, companies are migrating to eCommerce every day. The wind of change is blowing in the jewelry industry too. Very recently, similar shifts have been noticed in the loose diamond industry as more and more businesses dealing with diamonds and other gems are leaping in.

The changes happening around the loose diamond industry make one wonder if these are inevitable with time, a preemptive strategy to make it to the finishing line before others, or a necessary step to surviving in a highly competitive ecosystem. On the tail of that question is another, is internet buying of extensive items like loose diamonds a more convenient option? Does it make commodities such as diamonds less expensive? Or is the whole thing just another trend that is hot until it fizzles away with the arrival of others?

To find answers to the questions posed above, one needs to do some digging into the top few existing myths and seek the truth. So let’s begin.

1. Buyers Are Apprehensive of Online Purchasing of Big-Ticket Items

This is true and not. Yes, some buyers are iffy and some unnecessarily cautious, but there are no stats that suggest that shoppers hate to shop loose diamonds online. If anything, buyers love to shop their gemstones from their homes. A small stat that would establish the case is Blue Nile’s sales data. In 2011, the gemstone giant sold an engagement ring worth $300, 000 which was its highest sale that year. The transaction happened online through their app.

Now, this stat may be exclusive of one merchant, it is indicating the sales status and trends of other players in the field. As the pandemic hit in 2019, shopping shifted largely to online and that has helped establish online shopping in all departments. Today, loose diamonds worth $500 million are sold on the Internet year and year, of which some are as high as $400,000.

2. Internet-Based Retailers Cannot One-Up the Deals Offered by Local Sellers

This is as far from the truth as possible. Sadly, there are still many potential shoppers who believe that the deals they get from their local jewelry stores are good enough for them and those offered by eCommerce stores are not as good. Having thought so, they assume that switching to an online seller would not add any extra value.

The truth behind this outrageous myth is that a buyer has a potential chance of winning big and saving a ton by choosing to go through an online seller. The same stone that your local jeweler offers for a small discount can be bought off an Internet-based seller at a significantly low cost. To top that, there is the privilege of requesting quotes from multiple providers. This gives buyers the chance to compare prices and make a proper judgment. The whole quote business happens online in real-time. That saves time and demand very little patience.

With online sellers, the drill gets manifolds easier. On the site, you can interact with experts available round the clock. They can help you find answers to your questions and guide you in the right direction.

3. Buying Items Like Loose Diamonds Online Is Not Without Its Challenges. Local Sellers Provide a Safer Alternative

The hesitance to make a sudden switch from a trusted local jeweler who you have known all your life or at least a considerable period to an unknown seller online is understandable. It’s a big change and one that requires adequate research and some dare. However, one must not complicate the process by cluttering their minds with myths and overthinking them. Online purchasing in this day and age is not risky. It is the norm, and no your local supplier is not the best option at hand, not by a long shot.

The best thing about using websites of brands to shop for loose diamonds is that you can handpick the diamonds you like and get their prices from their sellers. You now have figures to compare with those of your local seller to see if the latter is offering you the hotter deal.

4. Buying without Seeing Is not Wise, Nor Safe

Another myth that’s begging to be dispelled. You are not buying your loose diamonds without seeing them when you are buying online. If anything, you have the chance to get a better look at them when buying online. These days stores offer 3D views of their items which is a lot clearer than viewing loose diamonds under all the flashing lights in a showroom. The 3D does not superficially magnify the aesthetics of the diamonds like store lighting does. So you can scrutinize what you’re buying as well as like until you have confidence in what you are buying.

On most of the platforms, there is the added advantage of checking out the specs of items to be sure of what you are paying for.

5. Online Shopping Takes Some Technical Suavity

Another myth that needs to be done away with, buying things online does not require any technical know-how or expertise. It’s as simple as operating a computer for basic stuff. You go into the website, scroll down the pages till you find what you are looking for, pick the item of your choice, add it to the cart, and pay at checkout. How different did that sound from regular land-based shopping?

Final Words

Do not be discouraged by all you hear and do your research till you find the truth. Online shopping of loose diamonds is extremely easy and effective and a must-do in today’s time.

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