4 Reasons Why Mobile Games Are Improving So Fast

Gaming is one of the greatest innovations known to humanity in the entertainment field. It has helped us explore a new reality altogether, with the laws of physics entirely in control by the developer of the game. It allows us to jump into a new world or -environment that is different from our current one. What started with Tetris and other small low-end games that ran on 8-bit processors with no color schemes?

The games present in today’s time are insanely high-end and allow you to jump into a fully developed world that could be considered an alter-nate reality altogether. These games are now crafted with storylines to make them more believable and relatable, and the reception has been nothing but magnificent. But here’s the catch.

Most of these games are meant for machines that can handle the stress of processing so much data. In other words, we suggest a laptop or a desktop computer that has enough power and processing capabilities to run games such as this.

Coming back to the faculty of running such life-like games, laptops and computers are the machines meant for the task. Even regular laptops and computers don’t cut it anymore because of the games that are developed today. They are a lot more complicated and need more excellent specs to run them. If you try most high-end games today on a regular laptop, it would most likely crash.

So here’s a question. What about the ones that cannot afford a computer or a computer to play games on? The emergence of mobile games is a revolution in the gaming community. Let’s take a look!

Emergence Of Mobile Games

Mobile phones started as a luxury in their own right due to their power carriers and portability compared to regular telephones. People were fascinated with the idea of carrying a portable phone. At the time, people wouldn’t have thought of moving games on the mobile phone arena. It had to happen at some time or the other.

Nokia, one of the world’s mobile phone producers, released a revolutionary product of the mobile phone with a display. Along with this, the first mobile game in the world was created. Tetris. One of the greatest arcade games was now available on the mobile phone, with people being able to play it where'ver they go. It was a simple piece of code to write but hard to adapt to the mobile phone.

Tetris was an unlimited game which meant that the progress was virtually limitless. Blocks of different shapes would land from the top of the screen in randomized order, and the goal of the game was to arrange the blocks in the most orderly fashion possible. You would lose the game if the blocks piled up to the top of the screen.

You keep winning as you arrange more blocks in an organized manner, like placing a helpful piece in a jigsaw puzzle. The game on the mobile version was very well received, and this is what initiated a new generation of games to enter the mobile arena.

Nokia released the snake game in 97’ which was another worldwide success for a timepass game. But people began to want more. And companies began to cater to their wants.

4 Reasons Mobile Shot Up

Now that we’ve talked about the initial success of the first released games on the mobile phone arena, it is only common to want more of something when you find that it is very recreational. People wanted more fun, and here’s why:

1. The success of initial games

Once the world was introduced to the possibility of playing games on a mobile phone, the demand for more games instantly shot up. Given that the initial models and technologies of phones were limited, people came up with more creative but straightforward games that kept people entertained and left them wanting more.

Tetris was the first to be introduced, but the snake was the first to propel mobile games into the entertainment stratosphere.

2. Timepass and portability

Mobile phones are a more tremendous success than laptops and computers because they are miniature versions of them and can be easily carried anywhere'. Back in the ’70s, before people were introduced to the mobile phone, people had to go to the arcade to play games or play on the computers at home. Moreover, not more than one computer was present in the houses that it existed in.

This meant that people couldn’t personally play it whenever they wanted to due to limited usage. This changed as people began to buy mobile phones. Although the phone served a greater purpose of communication, mobile games were an excellent timepass. They were incredibly entertaining when you were away from home and wanted to take a break for a while.

3. Want for better games

As the mobiles themselves were getting better, the scope for mobile games also increased, and with the introduction of the Apple iPhone, everything changed. A display that you could control through touch was exceptionally well received.

The Texas Hold’em game was the first iPhone game to be made available on the apple store. After the introduction of smartphones, the games only got better on the demands of the people. One of the most popular games nowadays is Coin Master. It is based on the slot, but you attack other villages and defend yours.

4. Contrast with computers

As we previously stated, high-performance laptops and computers are needed for high-end games of the modern world to run them effectively. We also highlighted another point. What about the ones that can’t afford a laptop or a computer? Especially a high-end one which easily costs a thousand dollars.

The lack of not being able to adapt computer games to mobile phones due to limited processing power gives rise to more mobile-friendly yet high-end games at the same time.

Games such as counterstrike and call of duty were once only available for computers, but now even phones are getting just as good as computers, so Call of Duty is now open for people to play on their phones. It all depends on the tech.

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