Top 14 Manga You Should Read Before You Turn Old! – 2021 Guide

Manga is Japanese comics. Initially, this concept was associated with comics created in Japan. But one way or another, manga exists in other parts of the world, particularly in Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Such works are called manhua, and in South Korea – manhwa. The names are similar because, in all three languages, ​​this word is written with the same hieroglyphs. In France, “la nouvelle manga” is a form of comics influenced by Japanese manga. Manga-style cartoons drawn in the United States are called “amerimanga” or OEL, from the English. original English-language manga – “manga of English-language origin.”

One of the main differences is that, unlike comics, manga is exclusive of Japanese origin. Starting in the middle of the 20th century with the style of Disney cartoons, the drawing of manga has turned into something original. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is black and white, the picture is more varied, and so is the plot.

Many the same American comics on a superhero theme, while in Japanese comics, the story is very different. The manga is read from left to right, but an example of the rarest exception is the manga by Junji Ito. Well, and probably the most obvious thing is that most of the events take place in Japan.

Manga is also popular with us, primarily because of the anime, which is actively watched in our countries. Therefore, there have always been two camps in the pop culture community: fans of comics, films based on them, and manga and anime fans. The younger generation is generally oversaturated with content, so anime and manga increase the dose of unrealism. This, of course, is not to talk about those who just like individual projects Miyazaki and other masterpieces.

1. Cool Teacher Onizuka

This is an inspiring story about punk and a criminal turned teacher. Onizuka, 22, led a difficult life until he decided to reform and became a school teacher. This is a hilarious manga, not devoid of morality.

2. Created In The Abyss

A touching story about an orphan named Rico who dreams of becoming a great seeker like her mother and solving the great mystery of the “Abyss”. One day, exploring the dark depths, she stumbles upon a boy who turns out to be a robot.

3. Raising The Level Alone

This manhwa (Korean comic) is based on Chugong’s eponymous web novel series. An excellent choice for those who love zero-to-hero stories – weak protagonists find themselves empowered with every task they complete. The characters are simple, their goals and motives are clear, and the troubles they find themselves in are fascinating. What do you think the main boss will be here?

4. The Vast Ocean

Do you like sports anime and manga? Then you will enjoy the “Ocean” too. It’s a sports manga series, but it’s all about swimming. Only this is not some “Free style”; it is an entirely different thing. And the creators did a great job to make the swim look good in black and white.

5. Tramp

Manga by Takehiko Inoue and based on Eiji Yoshikawa’s novel about the life of swordsman Miyamoto Musashi. This historical seinen has everything one could dream of – intrigue, drama, action, many beautifully drawn action scenes and even heavy emotional scenes.

6. One Piece

This manga doesn’t even need an introduction. One Piece is the favourite anime of millions of people around the world. The plot is based on a boy who wants to become the king of all pirates. Therefore, he ploughs the ocean, recruits the best team for himself and, of course, fights against evil.

7. Monster

This seinen is not traditional manga; it is atypical and exciting for this. The story revolves around the moral and ethical dilemmas of Dr Kenzo Tenma, who decides to save the child’s life, not the mayor’s. However, people around him begin to kill, and all the streets lead precisely to the little boy he saved.

8. Fullmetal Alchemist

Another very famous manga, based on which the anime of the same name was filmed. In short, the main characters – two brothers – decided to resurrect the deceased mother with the help of alchemy. And what could go wrong with children who do not know how to master these powers? The older half of the body became mechanical, and the younger was wholly locked in armour from head to toe. And now the brothers have a long way to go to rectify the situation and regain their bodies.

9. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Even if you are far from anime and manga, you still saw JoJo memes on TikTok. Who he is and why he is famous.

10. Berserker

Fans of action and fantasy will love this, but reading the first few volumes can be quite tricky as the art is outdated and the plot is plodding. But the wait is definitely worth the wait.

Historical manga with a touch of fantasy and epic. In the centre of the plot – the story of the cruel and oppressive mercenary Guts and the legendary leader of the Falcon squad Griffiths.

11. I am hero! – Hanazawa Kengo

The issue is over, but there is already something to read. Unusual zombie apocalypse with peculiar zombies. The plot keeps you in suspense; you worry about the heroes. I was drawing for an amateur.

12. Death Note – Tsugumi Oba, Takeshi Obata

The manga is one of the classics of all time. A mystical detective story with a famously twisted plot. I like the characters – they are all meticulously crafted and unique. In general, thorough work has been done in all aspects. The drawing is lovely, detailed, and the backgrounds are fantastic.

13. The Vinland Saga – Yukimura Makoto

Historical manga about the Vikings. I don’t presume to judge how reliable it is, but it’s fascinating. The story of Thorfinn’s life against the background of historical events, in which he unwittingly participates.

14. Good Night Punpun – Asano Inio

These author’s works are miniature masterpieces, but this is the very best—deeply emotionally gratifying work in the best traditions of Japanese philosophy. The drawing is beautiful with a particular image of the main character.

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