Should You Choose Classic or Trendy Style For Your Prom Dress

Surely you are excited about the prom. Everyone is. Girls spend years thinking about this night and their perfect dress. After all, prom pictures will be all over social media the moment the party starts and will most certainly have a special place in your family’s photo album. Therefore, your main goal is to look your best.

Now, finding the right attire is much more complex than it seems. Trends change every season, as does your style. Plus, considering that you can shop anything you want online, your options become endless. In the following article, we will answer some burning questions regarding the prom dress and provide you with some useful tips on choosing one.

Classic or Trendy?


When looking for a prom dress, the million-dollar question is whether you should go with something that is of the latest design or choose something timeless. Don’t worry, because you are not the only one. Every girl faces the same dilemma.

The easiest way to make this decision is to inquire about the dresses that currently trendy. Remember that it all comes down to your personal preference, so if you don’t like the ones that are popular at the moment, you should probably focus on classic ones. Maybe most of them are low cut or include beads, glitter, and so on.

Maybe you want a combination of the styles. Why not? If this is the case, you should look for the best tailor in your area and start working on the design.

Do the research


Before you make the final decision, you have to do your research. Well, the truth is that you may not even be able to choose without it. Even if you are not very enthusiastic about current trends, you can never know what you will find. Just because you didn’t like the dress a girl from your class bought and described as the latest piece of fashion, it doesn’t mean that you won’t find you’ll fall in love with.

In addition, how difficult can this part of the process be? You have the Internet, several social media platforms, and every store nowadays (both online and traditional ones) has a website you can explore. When learning about different styles of prom dresses, you can start with the veaul website and then narrow the search from there. The bottom line is that you have to explore all the options before choosing the right direction to continue your search.

What’s your personal style?


The vital thing you have to consider now is your personal style. How do you dress every day? What is a casual outfit for you? What do you consider to be elegant attire?

Yes, every girl wants to look and feel special, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you must get out of your comfort zone. Yes, you can do that if you want to. Just because other girls want to get something completely new and different, it doesn’t mean that you have to as well.

Not only do you want to look beautiful, but even more important, you have to feel comfortable. You must admit that this is almost impossible if you don’t want to make a drastic change. Yes, you can still shine and make a statement while staying true to yourself.

Consider your body type


It is very easy to fall in love with a dress only to discover that it doesn’t fit you perfectly. It is the most frustrating thing that can occur to any girl, and unfortunately, it happens all the time. Now, we have a tip for you on how to avoid being disappointed.

While doing your research and exploring different styles, you should only focus on pieces you know will look great on you. This way, you won’t waste time looking for a gorgeous dress that is not designed for your body shape. What’s more, you would be surprised to learn how many women don’t know what suits them. This is a common issue, but you can quickly answer this question.

There are numerous online guides on different types of women’s bodies, as well as explanations and suggestions, so you will learn what to focus on. This will also help you choose between- classic and trendy pieces. Even though your options are endless, still, most of these are designed in a similar way. Hence, if you learn that trendy ones don’t suit you really well, you should shift your focus solely on timeless ones.



Yes, we said that you don’t have to get a dress outside your comfort zone, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it. Sometimes, you may end up surprised at how much you love something and how great you feel in a dress you wouldn’t glance at twice otherwise.

Shopping for a prom gown is an excellent opportunity to experiment and try different pieces. There isn’t a single girl that has a definite fashion style, so it is time to discover something new. If you love sparkles and always purchase the latest pieces, you should try a classic dress and figure out an entirely new side of your personality and vice versa.

Nevertheless, don’t forget that the prom will take place in your school, so you have to ensure to dress appropriately. After all, your teachers will be there, and you have to look respectful. Yes, you can do this and still be beautiful.

Have fun


Finally, you should have fun. Even though this process can be challenging, you should always look on the bright side of it. Ask your best friend, mom, sister, or cousin to go with you to the store and make a girl’s day out of it. Who doesn’t love a girl’s day out?

They will not only make the entire experience more enjoyable, but they can also provide you with sincere advice on what type of dress and style you should choose. However, don’t forget that you will be the one wearing the gown. Therefore, at the end of the day, your attitude matters the most. Even if you can’t completely agree with them, you should listen to their opinion and consider it before making the final decision.

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