Simple ways you can make your outdoor event germ-free

Planning an event? Like many people around the country, planning events, travelling and getting back to the way things were pre-pandemic is top of people’s to-do lists. We know some might be a little apprehensive about events and social gatherings, but there are ways you can make your outdoor event as germ-free and safe as possible. Below are our essentials you need for your next event.

Provide sanitiser at the entrance and around the venue

One of the first things you should do is ask guests to sanitise their hands. Whether you have antibacterial hand gel or portable hand-washing stations, washing your hands has many benefits. In fact, washing your hands for just 30 seconds with soap and water can reduce bacteria on your hands by 58%. You should also look at having sanitiser stations around the event at key places, such as near where' the food is to ensure people are staying safe before eating.

Serve food wrapped

Source: pixabay

Whether you want to serve a sit-down meal or a buffet, having meals already prepared and wrapped to avoid cross-contamination is a good idea. People may be nervous about food being left out if it’s open for people to help themselves to, so by having it sealed more people will enjoy it (and it reduces the chance of food being wasted).

Some easy dishes you can make and package include:

● Sandwiches
● Salad pots
● Individual cupcakes
● Burger boxes.

Recommend visitors wear masks

Source: freepik

You could ask people to wear masks or explain that they’re optional to make people feel more comfortable. While they’re not mandatory outside, depending on the number of people attending, some might feel safer wearing a mask.

However, it’s important to make sure people are aware that they must wear their mask when they go inside to the toilet or to buy food and drink. This is still a Government guideline and until we know more about the changes on June 21st it should still be adopted.

Implement a one-way system in tight spaces

While it’s best to avoid narrow walkways if possible, one-way systems can reduce crowding in these areas. Ensure your one-way system is clearly marked with arrows and signage, guiding people around your outdoor venue.If there is going to be alcohol served, it’s a good idea to have members of staff encouraging people to use the one-way system to avoid crossover and contamination.

Don’t overcrowd

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The number of people you invite to your event can have a huge effect on how germs spread. So if you’re conscious about reducing the spread of germs, you should look at how big the area you’re hosting your event is and how many people will occupy it.For example, if you want to leave enough space for people to socially distance 1m, the space required per person would be 10.36m².

Add extra toilets

The more toilets you have the easier they are to clean after use and there will still be some toilets available if needed. If you only have one toilet, you run the risk of a queue developing when they’re being cleaned.

Hiring extra portable toilets, whether you have standard portaloos or luxury toilets like the ones from Fortis Hire, is a great way to allow time for them to be cleaned in between- uses. These also allow people to queue safely outside, reducing the risk of viruses spreading inside in crowded hallways.

Space out seating

Source: pixabay

If you’re providing seating at your outdoor event ensure this is properly spaced out by at least 1m to ensure guests stay safe. If you intend on putting up a cover to protect visitors from the unpredictable British weather, it’s important that this is at least 50% open to ensure good air circulation. Patio heaters can help if the temperature drops to keep people warm and dry.

Go contactless where' you can

Reduce the risk of contamination and spreading germs with contactless payments and entry tickets. This ensures your staff aren’t handling money and reduces the risk of viruses spreading. You may need to sign up for a contactless card reading service but these are fairly easy to manage and a system you’ll likely keep long after the pandemic is over for ease.

When it comes to tickets, send these out via email with scannable QR codes that can be processed at the door. This is great for visitors too because there’s nothing to forget to bring – they’ll never forget their phone!

Ensure staff have the right PPE

Source: freepik

Staff should feel safe when working at your outdoor event so ensure they have all the PPE they could need. Branded face masks, personal sanitiser and face shields are all important pieces of equipment that can protect them throughout the event. Monitoring staff health and ensuring they know when to flag when they’re not well is also important.

Try to schedule arrival and leaving times

If possible, avoid mass arrival and leaving times and instead ask people to arrive or leave during designated times. This reduces the risk of a rush of people trying to get out at once, which could lead to the spread of germs and viruses as they get close to one another.

This is also a good idea for staff to reduce too many people being on duty at once and regularly scheduling rota to avoid too much crossover of new people.

Ready to plan your germ-free outdoor event? There are many ways you can help keep your event as safe as possible for your guests. Take on these tips to keep people safe.

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