How To Reduce Eye Strain As Working From Home Continues

In the present day, we are learning to adapt to new conditions- working from home being one of the most significant ones.

While work from home is pretty flexible, it has its demerits too. The prime matter of concern is the increase in screen time, which leads to the straining of eyes, dry eyes, and many other eye-related issues.

With growing complaints about eye strain, more and more experts are recommending the use of blue light glasses for eye health.

Staring at digital screens for prolonged durations causes greater exposure to the emanating UV light which can harm the optical nerve. But duty calls! So, without worrying much, switch to glasses that have a blue light protective film on them. Take your pick from vibrant pastel shades of spring to add a dash of color to a mundane lifestyle within home confines. These glasses are not only stylish but also highly effective in blocking out the UV glare from the computer and mobile screens. Blue light blocking technology is hugely popular nowadays and more people are opting for it because it is very useful. And you can easily find a pastel pair that suits you best, and also guards your precious eyes.

Along with wearing blue light specs, here are some more tips to safeguard your eyes from strain, because work from home is definitely here to stay!

Blink your eyes more often

Source: UC Berkeley News

As we know, blinking is not a voluntary function of the body. But, while in front of the computer, you must try to blink more as the eyes keep themselves moisturized. If you are not blinking enough, it can cause dryness, irritation, redness, and more such problems with the eyes. If your eyes hurt, you will fail to concentrate on your work which is the last thing you want. So, for better work efficiency, blink more and keep your eyes comfortable.

Don’t forget to take breaks

Source: cnn

“Respite to eyes” should be your main mantra while working for long hours on the computer. Experts suggest the 20-20-20 rule; this means you are recommended to take a break every 20 minutes and look away from the computer screen. Look at something that is at least 20 feet away from you and continue to stare for at least 20 seconds. If you can afford to take a few minutes away from the computer, get up, drink some water, walk a little on the patio, and then resume work, nothing like it! Set your desk just beside a window, so that whenever possible, you can look outside at the greenery. That will provide some respite to your tired eyes.

Is your room lighting sufficient?

Source: Doğtaş

Is your room evenly lit? Do you get enough natural light? These are crucial because your eyes get strained due to a lack of proper lighting. Proper lighting means it shouldn’t be too bright inside or too dim either. There should be a balance. If the glare of your screen is troublesome for your eyes, then reduce the brightness right away. If the glare still bothers you, use an antiglare coating on your screen.

Watch your posture

Source: The Physio Company

We will emphasize this point because not many people know that posture and eyesight are directly connected. If you maintain an upright posture while working at your desk, chances are your eye strain will be minimized to a great extent. While sitting working at your workstation, ensure that your feet are placed flat on the floor, your back is straight to maintain proper blood flow to the brain, and keep your wrists slightly up while you are working on the keyboard. Also, it is better to place your computer at a lower level than your natural line of sight. Maintain a downward gaze. A drooping position will strain the muscles of your neck and back that will invariably cause eyesight problems.

Keep some time for yourself

Source: SportsRec

When you are relaxing, make sure there is no digital screen around you. We cannot cut out technology from our lives but, we can take some time to enjoy what is around us, can we not? So, keep some time aside for yourself like while you are in the toilet or taking a shower, enjoy the feeling of cool water washing off all your worries, stress, and anxiety. While you are meditating, never keep your phone or laptop around you, rather try to concentrate and soak up the positivity in the air around you. Daily exercise or yoga or even meditation is worthwhile for your eyes and overall health, for that matter.

Increase the font size

Source: FutureProTech

If you are unable to read something on the screen without squinting your eyes, then it is time that you should consider increasing the font size. It is vital because this way you will reduce a lot of strain on your eyes. Not being able to read clearly or peering to read for a long time might give rise to nasty headaches that you will certainly not like. So, to avoid all that, you can just increase the font size.

Refer to a qualified doctor’s prescription

Source: Medical News Today

Wrong prescription glasses can make your work life a complete nightmare. The prescription should be updated and for that, if you have to visit an optometrist routinely, do that. Get your eyesight checked from time to time to avoid getting headaches and irritable eyes. Consult your ophthalmologist to understand whether you must upgrade your lenses or not. Furthermore, you must know whether your glasses are perfect for working on the computer or not, you might need more than one pair of glasses.


Truth be told, we can do little to change what is happening around us. But we can always change our outlook and behave more responsibly to keep our eyes and overall health in good shape. So hope you find these ideas useful!

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