5 Places to Travel for Your Birthday

Celebrating a birthday is a very special day for people for numerous reasons. Some appreciate the gifts they get the most, some simply use it to relax and have a day all to themselves, and then there are those who enjoy to dedicate it to other people in their life and have them over for a feast. Whatever you do for your birthday you have to admit that it is your day and that you feel better for those 24 hours.

In modern times there is so much to choose from in terms of celebrating the day you were born. More and more people prefer to do something that makes them happy and either do something special or purchase themselves something they always wanted. It matters what birthday it is and how old you are, but the happiness and the feeling of excitement are usually the same. Treating yourself with a new gadget or some clothes shopping is the usual way of doing things, but what about thinking bigger?

The good part about birthdays is that you do not have to rush to get yourself something nice, nor do you have to do it exactly on the big day. Not everyone can as responsibilities like school and work usually get in the way. Often times, especially later in life, you will have to reserve the weekend after the birthday to have family and friends over for a party or a dinner or something else you want to do.

With all of that being said, have you ever thought of traveling for your birthday? Both alone, with your partner, or a group of friends, you can go somewhere' new and exciting to celebrate your big day and experience it in the best way possible. But where' to go and what to do? If you wish to travel for your next birthday but have no idea where' or how we are here to help. Worry not as you will surely find the right course of action based on our tips and advice!

1. Yearly Occasions and Events

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No matter where' you live there are countless special occasions and fun events taking place annually. From music festivals and fairs to carnivals and special local or national holidays. Things are especially alive and bustling from late spring to early fall and there is an abundance of opportunities. Again, you do not have to wait for your birthday to fall on the same exact day of the event. Go whenever but treat it like a birthday! Music festivals like Tomorrowland, huge festivals like Oktoberfest, important sports matches between- the biggest rivals or concerts and movie premiers. There are also other glamorous gala events filled with parties and high-end living like the New York Fashion Week. The key thing to remember is to leave your home town or even your country for a few days and have a blast.

2. European Capitals

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Taking a Euro trip of the most popular capitals in the world is both convenient and common, which means there are numerous opportunities and chances to organize it. Countries in Europe are smaller on average than in the rest of the world and they are interconnected in all sorts of ways. This is especially true for the European Union and the whole of Western Europe. Going from Spain to Italy across Germany and France is not only possible but very easy. You will be able to see and tour cities like Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, and Rome in just a few days if you organize it well. There are plenty of cities in each country to remain within its borders if you prefer it like that. Whatever floats your boat, you can find it in Europe in terms of traveling and such an idea is definitely birthday-worthy.

3. Exotic Destinations

Source: Sandals Resorts

If you prefer more exotic and once in a lifetime trips, why not leave behind your daily obligations and responsibilities for a week and take a trip to the far ends of the world? No matter where' you live, tropical and exotic destinations are relatively far and remote to you. Islands and archipelagoes are always a good choice if you want to relax on pristine beaches with crystal-clear waters and peculiar animals minding their business around you. Sipping on cocktails and walking through picturesque nature is enough to reset your batteries for whatever the rest of the year has in store, so use your birthday in a smart way and visit Hawaii, The Bahamas, The Philippines, Mauritius, Madagascar, Easter Islands, Guatemala, or someplace else that you like.

4. Active Vacation

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For those among you who live active lifestyles filled with regular trips to the gym or frequent running and cycling, consider a travel destination for your birthday where' you can do what you like and keep going hard. There are numerous extreme sports to try as well as activities that require being fit and up to a certain degree of strength and stamina. Trekking, climbing, backpacking, and hiking can be combined with camping for an unforgettable trip through untouched nature. If you prefer water sports, try to learn how to surf or go snorkeling, diving, or perhaps whitewater rafting. In case your preferred destination has a desert close by, riding camels or driving sand buggies will be both fun and memorable.

5. Theme Parks

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Last but not least, we have to mention the numerous theme parks that exist in every country on earth. From amusement parks with thrilling and scary rides to water-themed parks with numerous slides and pools, you can choose from a variety of great destinations and explore these places where' both young and old can have thrilling moments. Most popular and visited parks include Disney parks and other venues that sport official licensing of entertainment industry giants, and these are ultimately the most intriguing and fascinating places to be if you are a fan of this form of fun. From food options to memorabilia and apparel, they have enough to keep you going for a full day or two, just enough for a quick getaway for your birthday.

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