5 Ideas On Ways To Save Cash In Your Business

Every business, to be successful, must turn a profit. If it lacks operating capital, it won’t remain in operation long. However, business owners often wonder how they can cut back on their expenses without losing customers. It’s easier than many people think. Try one or more of the following methods and watch your cash reserve grow.

1. Negotiate Energy Prices

Source: REMI Network

Business owners often sign with an energy provider when they first start a new venture. Once they have established a relationship with this provider, they never shop around to see if they can get better prices. However, they need to identify all potential energy savings. These savings free up much-needed money for other expenditures.

Energy prices vary greatly by the business type, usage, and location. Nevertheless, research shows small business owners pay 50 percent more for electricity than big businesses in the country. They don’t have the same leverage larger companies do and can’t spend the time to compare suppliers routinely.

Furthermore, 60 percent of small business owners never move away from the default standard tariffs of the supplier. As a result, they are wasting money. Don’t make this mistake. When you find a better deal, either make the switch to a new provider or contact your current supplier to see if they will match this rate. Often, they will as they don’t want to lose a customer. If they refuse, you can make the switch then.

2. Establish Partnerships

Source: Kabbage

Establishing partnerships with related businesses serves as a great way to cut costs and still market the company if you are a business owner. However, for this technique to be successful, both businesses must benefit from the arrangement. When using this method, approach a business and propose the partnership. Some business owners refuse to enter into these types of relationships, but one can never know until they ask.

Many small business owners find themselves in a similar situation, one where' they need to find ways to save money. They want to promote their business but find it difficult to do so as they are limited in both time and money.

For instance, a clothing store might partner with a store that specializes in accessories to arrange a barter. The clothing store could offer to showcase accessories in exchange for having their clothing displayed in the accessories store. This brings more exposure to each business without costing either partner a dime. However, make certain the partner will adhere to the agreement.

A business doesn’t want to exchange goods with a partner only to find these goods are hidden on a shelf in the partner’s stockroom. Sadly, this does happen, which is why a business owner must choose their partners wisely.

3. Monitor Credit Card Deals

Source: medium

Business owners might see credit cards that come with perks and immediately apply for the cards. Points and cashback rewards are only two ways credit card companies try to lure business owners in because they know that, over time, the business will pay more in interest than they will earn in perks. Before applying for any credit card, make certain you know the terms and conditions thoroughly.

No-interest credit cards serve as a good example of a card that may be too good to be true. These companies offer an introductory period in which no interest will be charged. However, if the customer misses even one payment or is late with their payment, the interest kicks in. This holds even if the missed payment occurs only three or four months after the business obtains the card.

The fine print becomes of great importance when a company opts to get a new credit card because doing so could end up costing them significantly more in the long run. Furthermore, read the terms and conditions not only for the promotional period but the terms and conditions when this period ends. Don’t assume they are the same after the promotional period ends. They may be different in many other ways as well.

4. Eliminate Phantom Energy

Source: Technical Safety BC

Quite a few individuals, including business owners, fail to unplug appliances when they are not in use. If the appliance isn’t running, it’s not using any energy, or so they believe. However, phantom energy use does add to their energy bill. Many businesses are open only eight hours but leave their computers running 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One computer running non-stop may not have a huge impact on the business’s energy bill, but imagine if this figure were multiplied by 10 or 20. Every device that remains plugged in when not in use will draw energy, so unplug as many devices as possible every night. If the device will only sit idle for a few minutes or an hour, leave it plugged in. Otherwise, pull the plug and watch the energy savings add up.

5. Frugality

Source: The Northwestern Business Review

Be frugal with money at all times. A business owner might purchase in bulk assuming this will save them money. However, they may find they don’t use all of the product before it expires. As a result, they waste money. In addition, the product might not expire but there could be a loss of quality if it remains in a stockroom for an extended period.

Always put money away for a rainy day. Although it is wise to invest in the business, do so with care. Determine how much money you need to hold back for a rainy day or unexpected crisis. The global pandemic of 2020 showed people across the globe the importance of saving. However, one expert may recommend the business put 10 percent of their profits into savings, while another will recommend they keep three to six months of operating expenses in a savings account. More is always better in this situation.

These serve as only five of countless ways a business may save money. Research others to find those that are most effective for you. What works for one business won’t help another, so try one method and monitor the results. If they aren’t what you expected, begin using another method. Try the new one for a period to see if it helps. If not, repeat the process until you find those that do. When you see how your research pays off, you’ll begin looking for other ways to save cash without cutting corners. It will be a fun process you love engaging in and want to do regularly.

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