7 Astonishing Ideas for Your Home Decor

Whether you’re moving homes or changing things up a bit in your current one, interior design is a big project. You’ll have to live with the decision forever, but no pressure! There are countless styles and options to choose from, and things you can do to change the whole vibe of your living space without having to change all of the furniture.

Interior design doesn’t always have to be expensive, and you can even DIY some great decorations yourself. There’s no denying though that having a little money does help broaden your options, but not enough for you to worry about.

Let us go over some quick fixes that can dramatically change the whole aesthetic of your home without the hassle of completely redoing everything.

1. Change Kitchen Cabinets

Source: unsplash.com

In most modern houses, kitchens are open plan and placed right next to the living room. This makes the kitchen interior that much more important for your whole house, and one simple step can change the whole look completely.

You guessed it right – In many kitchens, they take up a majority of the wall space and dictate what the area feels like. If you want to give your living area a modern, sleek touch, install stainless steel kitchen cabinets. For a regal and sophisticated kitchen, go with copper or brass fittings on the cabinet handles and kitchen fittings. They’ll look best with dark, velvety colors or pastels.

You can even invest in patterns, textures, and different color combinations for your kitchen, and choose to make them two different colors for a fun, vibrant look.

2. Accent Walls

Source: Friel Lumber Company

Another simple but effective step towards a fresh new living space is to paint one wall a completely different color than the rest. People mainly choose the wall with the least amount of furniture against it, and hang decorative pieces or hanging plants to it according to their needs.

With this step, you can bring much-needed contrast and personality into a boring room. You can choose picture frames and even handmade posters that go with the color you chose, and hang them on the colored wall. Additionally, you can prop a full-length mirror against it to make the room look bigger.

3. Writing on the Wall

Source: Make a Move Project

Having text on any of the walls can have a very striking effect, but it needs to be done right. Too much text and the walls end up looking cramped and the whole room will feel stuffy, no matter how big it is.

People do this in their bedrooms a lot, but some creative quotes or words of wisdom in your living room wall are ideal.

4. Decorate Your Bookshelf

Source: Bookshelf

Right now, your bookshelf probably looks messy and disorganized, and it may be that one thing in the whole room that’s ruining it. Don’t let that go on any longer! Take some time out and decorate your bookshelf.

Remove all of the clutter from your bookshelf and rearrange it. Place books strategically to make them look pretty, but not too stuffed on the shelves. Then, add some decorative items in one or two of the shelves, or spread them out strategically for great results.

You don’t want to add too many decorative items because that will look messy in a completely different – and not so good – way!

5. Paint the Shelves

While we’re on the topic of changing the bookshelves up a bit, you don’t have to buy a whole set of books for it just yet. If there are any bare shelves or space in your home, liven it up with a little color.

Coloring the inside of your shelves will eliminate the need for any decorative items or too many books, and it looks great too. Beware though, if you put too much stuff on colorful shelves, the house will once again look messy.

6. The Right Photo Display

Source: Bay Photo Lab

There’s nothing better than adding a little family touch in your home, and the best thing about photo displays is how versatile they are. You can pick any single theme you want, mix and match the frames, and even turn it into a fun DIY project for you and your family.

Once you’re done picking out a theme, you can try and find photo frames that would fit in the room. Alternatively, you can make your own with a few basic supplies and some imagination. You can either make something that matches the rest of your room, or you can make this photo display the center of attention with frames and colors that stand out from the rest.

You can even paint patterns and shapes on the wall itself for some added personality.

7. Use Greenery

Source: Greenery Unlimited

It’s very easy to underestimate how good some indoor plants can make space feel and look, but that’s a rookie mistake to make. Greenery has a way of lighting a whole room up and giving it a fresh, comfortable feel.

Many people find it relaxing to be around plants and nature, so why not bring it into your living rooms and bedrooms? You can place some small potted plants in the windows, hang some on the wall in vertical planters or even hang some pots from the ceiling. Many people opt out of the small plants deal and bring in a medium-sized plat (or two!) to place in the corners.

Real plants often require some upkeep and maintenance, and if you aren’t blessed with a green thumb, you can always invest in fake plants instead. They might not be as “fresh” as real ones, but they’re not as messy either, and they don’t require any maintenance!

You can even make flower arrangements to place on tabletops. Many interior designers like to take this a step further by creating arrangements that include some rocks and twigs. Seriously, try arranging this, put it on the mantle over the fireplace, or on a bookshelf, and see how cool it looks!

Decorating your home is all about finding the right balance between- being creative and making the home look messy. With a little thought put into it, you can make your house more beautiful in no time!

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