10 Simple Kitchens Upgrades to Make Your Kitchen Look More Elegant

There is no doubt that the kitchen is an eye-catching point of our houses. It is a place where'' you gather with your friends and relatives to prepare meals when they visit you. So, how can anyone not wish to have an excellent-looking modular kitchen? Well, all of us do that, but the thing is, how can you make your Kitchen look elegant with minimalist efforts?

Different Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Look More Elegant

Source: Mishry.com

1. Change the texture:

Playing with the textures can bring a very luxe vibe to your cookhouse. When you look at any luxurious kitchenette in movies or where''ver you will find that they are designed with primarily light-colored textures, do not pick colors like black, silver, or gold. Instead, go for champagne, cream, and charcoal shades.

To make the look of your cookhouse ever more on the high-end side, use two or three different textures in it. You can use a combination of two to three colors. Some of the examples of suitable surfaces are matte, distressed finishes, high-gloss, and raised patterns.

2. Updating the hardware in your kitchenette:

All of us have to agree on this that hardware completely changes the look of any furniture. Hence, the same applies to the cabinets in your kitchen. Replacing your old cabinets and drawers will help you give a unique look to your cookhouse. Just purchase some fancy pieces such as handles, door pulls, hinges, etc. Also, don’t be afraid to use different metal materials that can enhance the look of your kitchen.

If you do not want to buy new cabinets, painting them with excellent paint will help hide all your sins. Hire a professional to do this job because sometimes you may also end up spoiling the cabinets if you aren’t a good enough painter.

Source: Medium

3. Look for an affordable but elegant looking sink:

Choose the sink, keeping in mind space in your kitchenette and what goes best with its colors and textures. Some of the materials you can choose for your sink are ceramic, composite, and stainless steel. If you are looking for a low-maintenance sink, pick the stainless steel one, where''as the composite sinks are suitable to withstand high temperatures.

4. Making your refrigerator doors functional:

Have you ever thought of turning your refrigerator door into a menu card? Well, that may sound a little weird, but trust us, you can enjoy this change in your kitchen, and even your kids will like it. Convert the refrigerator into a chalkboard where'' you can write down the menu. Let your kids as well show their creativity on this chalkboard. Be sure that your family is going to enjoy this new functional fridge.

Source: Surclima

5. Try changing the lights in your kitchenette:

Are you bored of the old lighting in your Kitchen? If yes, then you should consider getting new. Accessories like pendants and Chandeliers will help you brighten up space and change its whole mood. Don’t buy the standard lights just as installed in your home. Mix some good lightning to give the most used room in your home a more elegant look.

6. Painting the stainless steel appliances:

Want to do something more creative in your cookhouse? If yes, consider painting your appliances that are made of stainless steel. This will give your Kitchen an updated and brand new feel. However, also keep in mind that there are appliances that have some specific use. So, you better consider this while trying to give a new look to your devices.

Source: onekindesign

7. Incorporate fruits in your Kitchen to enhance its beauty:

Are you looking to bring some life to your cookhouse? If yes, fill a bowl with some bright fruits and place it on the center shelf of your kitchenette. They can stay up to a week at least. You can also use fake fruits for this purpose, but we will recommend using the real ones that give a better feel.

8. Hiding the small and old appliances:

To make your Kitchen look a bit bigger, hide all the small appliances you don’t use frequently. You can store them in some new cabinets in your cookhouse space. Keep all your pantry items, pans, etc., that you don’t frequently use in the storage. This will make your area look more spacious and clean as well.

Source: Pinterest

9. Adding fragrance to give a nice feel to your cookhouse:

Adding fragrance to your house gives it a very cozy and unique feel. However, don’t burn cheap candles to provide fragrance to your kitchen space. If anyone has good knowledge about candles, he can easily guess that you have burnt a toxic and cheap-smelling candle. We are not telling you to give your whole salary to buy them, but you can purchase a decent smelling candle at a decent rate as well.

10. Use some creativity and artwork:

Do you have artists at your home? If yes, then it is time for you to pick up your paint brushes and show some creativity. A good artwork can ultimately enhance the look of any space and provide an illusion of maximum space. If you live on some rental property, it is the best option for you when you can change things permanently.

Source: Good Housekeeping

To Sum Up

Enhancing the look of any space in your house can be pretty easy if you know the right tricks and tips. It also depends upon how much money you want to spend on this purpose. If you have a reasonable budget, then you can even hire a professional for this matter.

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