Future of Embedded GUI Development for Medical Devices

The awesome transition of technological advancements has been a spectacle to watch. With every passing day, we have successfully built and rendered miracles to mankind. There has been a continuous application of various combinations of scientific components to devise easy-to-use machines. The struggle to make things even simpler does not seem to cease.

User’s want tools that do the work efficiently without them going through the complex loop of understanding the complete functioning.

We witnessed an unprecedented revolution brought about by systemized embedded systems in the industries. It propelled the productive combination of hardware and software to serve many requirements today.

The field of medical healthcare needs to be dealt with the utmost sensitivity. Any risk factor with the processes here could cost innocent lives. Also, there is demand as well as a need to augment the rate of delivering facilities. The time lag is something that needs to be minimized. Graphic User Interface in embedded systems is fast finding its way into medical devices. This development will remodel the medical sphere. With more intuitive interfaces, there will be very little scope for human error and in all more lives can be saved well in time.

The health infrastructure can be boosted for the better. More intuitive gadgets will greatly benefit health care professionals and patients. Such a renovation can help us combat disorganization in the health sector. Easy access to a large set of data and much better. There is the rapid development of patient diagnostic measures, surgery systems, and other medical aid to enhance the quality of our lives.

Existing Embedded GUI Device in Medical Field

Pacemakers that are used to treat Arrhythmias are an existing example of Embedded GUI. Arrhythmias is a disease during which the patient’s heartbeats at an irregular rhythm –  too slow or too fast. Even with diseases like Bradycardia and Heart Block, doctors recommend pacemakers. Consisting of a battery, sensors (known as electrodes), and a computerized generator.

The heart rate is detected by the electrodes and data is sent to the generator through the wires. More advanced pacemakers can sense heart pulse and breathing, blood temperature, and other such factors that affect the rate of heartbeat. After minor surgery, pacemakers can be installed in one’s body. Several precautions need to be taken – like avoiding getting under the influence of a strong electric or magnetic field, abstain from certain medical procedures – all to prevent the device from getting displaced.

New Age Embedded Medical Instruments

1. Defibrillators

Cardiology uses most of the applications of embedded devices. The defibrillator is one such device, that detects abnormal heart rate and then brings it back to a usual rhythm.

The device has found its way into being used as a blood analyzer, as a diagnostic imaging device, and for monitoring devices for diabetic or cholesterol patients. The patients respond well and their condition is closely tracked by the doctor.

2. Digital Flow Sensor

Digital Flow Sensors are used to monitor the respiratory flow in patients. Additional features like offset monitoring and self-test functionality deem it a good fit for the treatment of patients. The flow of liquid can also be examined via such devices and thus can be implemented for drug delivery purposes.

3. Internal and External Monitoring of Organs

The mechanism is mostly used in pregnant women to keep an eye on the fetus. With proper fabrication and implementation of sensors, the exact location in the body can be transported to the screen. It is easier to assess the baby’s heart rate and the mother’s uterine contraction and print on a chart. External monitoring sensors track criterion for a nonstress test combining ultrasound to determine amniotic fluid levels. Also, helps determine the amount of manageable stress during vaginal delivery.

GUI Development in the Embedded Medical Instruments

The market is looking forward to welcoming complex gadgets with a smartphone-like efficiency on the consumer’s end –  be it the medical front. Supervising organs has become easier than it was back in the 19th century, but fresher avenues are yet to be explored. A host of technocrats are pioneering this stream of revolution with all their might. Crank Software is setting standards for the world to follow. They are about delivering embedded GUI design under budget. They have minimized their development cycle by using auto-generated codes and working on optimizations.

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on human lives, they furnished many life-saving ventilators. Together the client and engineering team ran many loops of tests for the ventilation screen and oxygen screen until they became fully confident. A lot of research about the resources, the user design, and experience is needed to build such intuitive instruments. What is also necessary is to make the GUI software susceptible to many changes and updates. They aimed to make a very dynamic ventilator – one which most likely interacted with the medical professional and stated all the details of the patient.

The final product has been greatly instrumental in treating and curing patients of the deadly virus. It reduces the time spent on attending to one patient and enables the medical staff to cater to more victims and affected. The product is being constantly renovated, with changes in graphics and tweak in the ease of animation. GUI addition for embedded systems during the pandemic did wonders alongside the Crank team. Devising changes at incredible speed, ability to re-test, re-design, and authenticate new versions of the GUI.


Several other devices are being perpetually redesigned to address issues vehemently. Easy interface rules customers’ satisfaction from the business point of view. On the scientific front, these are difficult to achieve but not impossible. A multi-function ventilator – which incorporates five units of the ventilator, oxygen concentrator, cough assistance, suction, and nebulizer has been made more intuitive to suit and gratify medical requirements and accessibility.

Improving quality of life has been the driving force of Science. A catastrophic pandemic has plunged us more into revamping and establishing a concrete medical infrastructure. Our foundation is very strong. All we need to continue is putting every bit of innovation on the ground and making it available to deliver the best means to mankind.

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