5 Best Podcasts About Cryptocurrency And Blockchain To Follow in 2021

Digitalization of payments has been the number one topic in recent months. There is constant talk about how convenient it is to pay from home, to send money, and not to use banknotes at all, especially today in the time of covid-19 when we all protect ourselves and do not go out that far. It is also speculated that banknotes will go down in history and will no longer be used, as well as that new currency will appear on the scene of popularity, overshadowing those that already exist. All economists and financial experts mention cryptocurrencies as the number one currency.

Cryptocurrencies have been the stars of finance in recent months. This is because they offer a different kind of possession of those coins, a different experience, and a different way of trading them. Unlike the old paper money that is traded in the standard way, these coins are traded with the help of the digital world. To trade crypto you must know many other things and gain enough experience. And how to do that if not by following the announcements on the Internet? The best ways to inform are following articles by well-known experts, following specialized crypto tracking sites, stock market tracking, and of course, the most popular source of information in the past few years – podcasts.

Podcasts are popular in general. People follow them more and more and on various topics. So since there are already subcategories for almost all topics, a number of subcategories for cryptocurrencies and blockchain have opened. Many experts in the fields of economics, finance, law, cryptocurrencies, and other industries related to these popular currencies talk about a variety of topics. On those topics, they say their predictions, tricks, and teach in given situations. If you want to learn something from the podcasts, we bring you the top 5 podcasts for cryptocurrencies and blockchain that we are sure will keep your attention.

1. Unconfirmed

Insights and Analysis From the Top Minds in Crypto – It is one of the best sub-categories that focuses on virtual money and cryptocurrencies in general. On this podcast, you will hear many successful people from the United States who have many years of experience behind them that make them great and unrecognizable in their expertise. During this podcast, you will learn a lot of changes, news and you will hear various tips given by experts who know exactly what and when to do. The host of this podcast is the well-known Laura Shin, who will prepare interesting guest appearances from big names in the field of cryptocurrency trading, and you will be able to enjoy this podcast once a week, and if you want to know more, visit this site and find out more for crypto trading.

2. Unchained | Big Ideas From The Worlds Of Blockchain And Cryptocurrency

If you are looking for something that is accepted by the audience and is very popular, then you should definitely start listening to and following this podcast. It talks about the transformation offered by the blockchain, the news around it, and the like. Guests will be big names who will comment on the topic, and your host will again be the beautiful Laura Shin. Apart from the situation in this world, she will also talk about economic events in general that will keep your attention. Following this podcast, you will hear interesting information once a day, and to challenge you to listen to an episode we can tell you that it is very high on the podcast lists which are currently the most common choice for those interested in crypto trading.

3. The Bad Crypto Podcast

Are you a beginner and want to learn literally everything about crypto? Want to learn news and new things in an interesting way? In that case you will need to listen to this podcast. The publications that are from this publisher refer to all types of cryptocurrencies, from the strongest and best to the lowest. There you will be joined by Joel Comm and Marketing Technologist Travis Wright who are wonderful people who transfer knowledge in an interesting way together with their large audience. About 30 episodes are published annually, and you are ready to enjoy the content of each of them.

4. Blockchain Insider by 11:FS

The next popular edition comes to us from Europe, more precisely from the United Kingdom. This is another podcast show dedicated to blockchain. It is an edition with rich content and from which you can hear many useful things. The biggest news in terms of crypto and blockchain are published in this podcast which has 18 episodes per year. Your hosts during each edition will be the famous Simon Taylor and Colin G Platt who will try to catch your eye with all the new information from the world of digital currencies that is available daily in large numbers, and they publish them in each edition collected from the past period by giving a review.

5. The Blockchain Show

We are leaving for Los Angeles where' one of the most popular podcast shows is coming from. It is about the show The Blockchain Show which started in 2016 and since then has been very popular. It is a show that focuses primarily on the blockchain, but also on bitcoin and other popular and profitable cryptocurrencies. Expert advice and opinions are often shared here and we know how important they can be for any beginner. This edition is a very popular listening option, and the ratings and rankings speak for themselves. Follow the releases and learn more about the world of digital currencies.

To be fully prepared and familiar with the digital opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies, you need someone to share information, experiences, and tricks. You can get it and find out through these audio shows prepared by experts for you. Choose one of these 5 best and enjoy collecting experiences. Only then will you become an experienced and excellent cryptocurrency trader. So do not give up and keep learning.

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