8 Easy Ways to Fix Car Dents and Scratches

Usually, people turn up to a mechanic or a professional car service company for all kinds of car problems. But there are a few of us who have experienced the joy of fixing a car problem with easy hacks.

You really don’t need to run to the mechanic for every small scratch or dent. You also don’t have to live with it. The most easily achievable repair jobs at home include fixing car dents and scratches. Let’s take you through five such easy car-fixing hack hacks that you can try out right away!

1. Pulling out large dents using a suction

When you walk back up to the parking lot and find your car with a huge dent, all you can think of is the worst curse. You may also worry about the money you’ll have to spend on dent repairs.

Let’s put your worries to rest. You can actually fix the large dents with a simple cleaning tool. We are talking about the reliable plunger in your bathroom cabinet. You’ll need to wet the plunger and get a suction-hold on the dent. Then gently pull to get the dent out.

If using the plunger doesn’t pay off, you can look for special dent-puller tools that are sold at auto body shops which are built for stronger suction and pull.

2. Wine Cork Pull Method for dent repairs

This method is a little bit tedious, but you can get precise results with dent repairs. The best thing is you hardly need any special tools. You’ll need a few wood screws to screw on either side of the corks. This will help you grip the corks for pulling.

Heat the dented area with a hair dryer so that the metal is malleable. Now stick the corks on the surface with hot glue. Once the glue settles, you can start pulling the corks slowly one by one. You’ll notice the dents coming off.

3. Heat treatment for bumper dents

There are two ways you can apply heat and pop out dents on the car bumper. The first way is to use hot and cold water treatment, and the second way is to get the hair dryer to business. Let’s understand both the techniques in a little more detail.

For the water trick, you will need a bucket of boiling hot water and a bucket of cold water. When you pour the hot water on the dent, the metal will become malleable and you can push it out by reaching on the inner side. Pour the cold water over the bumper to bring down the temperature of the metal.

Handling boiling hot water can be tedious, not to forget the risk of burns if you’re not careful enough. You can simply use a blow dryer to heat up the bumper and then push the dent out.

4. A suction pump or Dent Puller

If your car is prone to dents, you should invest in a dent repair kit that comes with suction pumps. The kit comes complete with a glue gun. The suction pumps are shaped like small cups. You can stick the suction cups and pull out the dents one at a time.

If the dent repair kit also proves to be insufficient, you’ll have to look for professional repair services, according to FixAutoUSA.

5. Sanding for shallow scratches

Your car may have just minor scratches that are hardly visible from a distance. But the fact that the scratches are there can really get under your skin once you do notice them.

We have a quick fix for this problem. All you need is some sandpaper, preferably 2000 grit. You’ll need a lot of patience too.

Anyway, to get rid of these minor scratches which don’t catch your fingernails when you run over them, you will have to rub the area with the wet sandpaper. Spray some water in between- sanding and keep cleaning the area. Be careful not to overdo this, or you could scrape off more paint.

Once you’re satisfied that the scratches look faint enough to pass as invisible, you apply some rubbing compound and finish off the job.

There’s a cool toothpaste hack if you can’t find the rubbing compound. Use some whitening toothpaste instead!

6. Applying candle wax on scratches

You can cover up minor scratches instantly by rubbing some candle wax. Don’t get us wrong here. We are not suggesting that the candle wax trick is a permanent repair for scratches on your car. But it’s a definite life savior if your impression is at stake and you want to quickly cover up some fresh scratches on the car.

7. Scratch remover cloth

Some brands market their scratch removal products as if they work like magic, but you should be aware of their limitations. The hot and trending DIY scratch repair technique is a scratch remover cloth. It’s essentially an abrasive material that is gentler than sandpaper. The material also has some rubbing powder sprinkled on.

It works exactly like the sandpaper and rubbing compound technique does. But it is much more convenient and least messy.

8. Scratch Remover Pen

A popular product among online shoppers and DIY enthusiasts is the scratch remover pen. Although the product is marketed as a scratch remover, you should be aware that it is just another scratch repair tool. The tool is filled with a chemical-based hardening lacquer.

You need to clean the scratched surface and run the pen over the scratches. It simply fills up the scratch and once the liquid dries off, the scratches are not visible. If you are dealing with deep scratches you may have to try 2-3 coats before you can achieve the desired results.

We can understand that dealing with car repairs is not a lot of fun. Now that you have these practical tips for fixing dents and scratches, you should not let them be. We are sure these easy ways are very tempting even for an amateur DIY enthusiast and you must be excited to try them out. Go ahead, we are sure you’ll get satisfactory results.

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