6 Reasons Why Cambodian Hair Extensions are so Popular

In recent years, hair extensions have become an indispensable part of the beauty routine for women. Professionals and science freaks from all over the world are racing to find the best method or better material and create outstanding, best quality wigs and strands. That search led them to the gorgeous beauty of the hair of women from Cambodia.

Think about it – what do all women want from their beloved mane? To be strong, healthy, not difficult to tame and to successfully retain its shape once you put some effort to style it even after a few hours or days. Hair collected from healthy women from Cambodia and used to make amazing extensions for all types has everything you’re looking for. So, if you’re tired of seeing the clips through the strands when you look yourself in the mirror or if you can’t even move without them swaying all around, it’s time to read this article, get better acquainted with this extraordinary phenomenon and get the answer to the question – why is it so popular?

1. They’re lightweight and they don’t tangle

First of all, strands made from this kind of material aren’t heavy at all and you won’t have that horrible feeling of tension and insecurity while wearing them. On the contrary – great texture and quality contribute to the feeling of lightness and comfort. The type of hair among the inhabitants of Cambodia is such that in addition to the wonderful shine they can also boast of great strength. This also implies that thanks to these positive characteristics, it rarely or never tangles, so you won’t have to spend hours brushing it in order to make it look as decent as possible. Just comb the extension a little bit and voila – a great style with zero effort!

2. They’re more durable than other types

Well, not so strange as we know that they are 100% natural. Girls and women in Cambodia treat it with natural ingredients that don’t dry or damage it like numerous conditioners or colors we use. This is the reason why these extensions can survive all kinds of styling and still remain so soft and lovely. And not only that – if you take care about them properly and treat them as if they were growing on your head, they’ll serve you for a really, really long time.

A well-maintained wig made from this material can last up to 3 years. You do understand that the rest of the similar products would probably fall apart maybe even after a year? Exactly. And, well, if you don’t use them every day, but try to keep them for special occasions, you might even get old with them!

3. They don’t smell like synthetic

Having in mind that the donors are human beings and that it’s a raw material, you don’t need to be afraid about that weird smell that might come with other, synthetical extensions or wigs. The artificial ones can’t really smell different, no matter how much you wash them or treat them with scented preparations. However, Cambodian ones will smell just fine, as they were a part of a human being before – they weren’t artificially made and processed.

4. They aren’t chemically treated

This might be really important if you experienced a total mess because of those damn irons and curlers that made your hair so harsh that it looked more like a sheep wool and had to cut it a little… or a lot. As we previously said, Cambodians don’t use colors, flat irons, blow dryers or any other item or thing that could harm the overall quality of their hair.

This leaves you some room for experimenting with various styles or colors – you can bleach them or dye them in any color you wish. As they’re strong, they won’t get as damaged as you would expect, and what’s even more important – they’ll look really natural on you.

5. They are easy to maintain

If Cambodian women could use only oils and grow such a beauty, then you suppose that you don’t really need a bunch of various preparations in order to maintain the quality. You can simply use a mild shampoo and wash the wigs or strands as you would do if those were real strands.

You should in general behave like it’s yours – the only thing you should take care of is not to let it remain wet for too long. This is especially significant if you like swimming or doing sports, as sweat might soak the strands. Use a swimming cap or simply remove them when doing sports and there you go – you keep the quality and you prolong their lifespan!

6. They are perfect for African females

You know how African girls have so much trouble finding great extensions as their hair seems a little more coarse than other types? Their untamed curls need great support, but the texture of the artificial strands usually doesn’t align with their own strand texture as it’s way too ‘silky’ for their standards.

Cambodian wigs and strands are a completely different story – their consistency matches the afro curls quality in a great way, which can make any style look absolutely stunning and natural. Of course, it doesn’t look great on this type of hair only – people of all races can use them and they will always blend perfectly with the real strands.  That’s exactly what riehairboutique.com encourages and wants to promote – just have a look at all those super nice strands over there looking equally lovely on Asian, European and African women!

It might look like a new trend that’s still fresh, but believe us when we say it – Cambodian hair will remain a never-ending fashion that can only become more popular with time. Thanks to its amazing features, all the girls would trade their old extensions for a single day of wearing these beauties. Now when you know all the perks of being their proud owner, make sure you choose the prettiest ones you can find and treat yourself with a lovely hair boost!

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