Men’s Guide of Buying Right Garments

Are you one of those who think personality is the only thing that can take you places? Well, I beg to differ! The idea of “first impression is your last impression” is very much real and clothes play a very important role in setting that impression correctly. So, you cannot goof up while buying your garments.

If you are looking for a guide, to begin with, you are at the right place!

Clothing by Purpose

A statistic revealed that the men’s apparel industry is growing annually by 10.4%. This definitely means men are no less when it comes to shopping. But each of us have different purposes for buying clothes, including:

  •   Formal Wear

It is not everyday you are going for a flashy dinner party, or there is a business event. However, you should always be prepared for such days as a poor dressing style can knock you off your game.

You can pick up a nice and shiny tuxedo, or a fine range of suits. There are many materials, in which these garments are available, like cotton, nylon, or even linen.

They are also available in a lot of new styles like stripes and checks, which makes it trendy. Some of the best brands for Formal Wear can be Hugo Boss, Allen Solly, Louis Philippe, etc.

  • Business Wear

If you are going to the office regularly, and your office has a decorum for the employees to maintain, then you need to have a lot of dress shirts handy. Most of the offices prefer smart and elegant workwear, and their employees need to be properly dressed.

You can go for a range of light and deep-colored shirts and complement them with trousers, which are of lighter material. Cotton or Polyester shirts can prove to be a great pick, or you can also go for combed wool, and other materials, which have a longer shelf-life.

It’s best to keep a nice combination of solid colored and striped shirts to give some variety to your wardrobe. Business clothes are just incomplete without classic silk ties. Overall, make sure for every 5 different shirts, you have at least one tie and a pair of trousers.

  • Casual Wear

Now that you are sorted with your workwear and special events, you need to chill and hang around with friends and family, right? You cannot go for family dinners and casual evening dates in your workwear.

For that, denims are a safe pick and you can easily match that with bright and solid colored and casual shirts, which are funky and easy to wear. You can also go for cotton chinos and slim-fit buttoned-up shirts.

However, make sure that the colors are not too flashy. You can easily charm people with subtle and elegant casual wear.

  • Athletic Wear

Are you a sports fanatic or an athletic enthusiast? In that case, if you play with your office colleagues, or participate in any other sports like swimming, basketball, cycling, boxing, etc., you need to have athletic wear in your wardrobe.

According to a statistic, close to 19% of the American population participate in sports. So, if you are one of them, some of the essentials can be jockstraps, sports towels, jerseys and shorts, protective gear, etc.

Some of the best brands for athletic wear are Jockey, Calvin Klein, Marks & Spencers. Now since you have picked up your undergarments, you can also go for nice jackets and jerseys for your tournament days. You can buy these from Daily Jocks here.

  • Outerwear

When you are going out in the winters, and it is quite chilly on the outside, you need to have the right attire to ensure that it compliments all these garments.

In that case, having a heavy leather jacket or stuffed woolen jacket can be good for casual wear. For your work and formal wear, you can easily go for high collar overcoats, which act as a great garment to cover the clothes during rains and heavy snow season. You need to also think about woolens while pairing the wardrobe with these clothes.

These are the broader categories, for which people usually buy clothes. Since you have gotten a fair idea of the same, we will talk about some basic rules now while repopulating your wardrobe with good clothes.

You need to know Your Correct Fit and Size!

While you are on the task to buy new clothes, the first thing is to know your correct size. Usually, men go for a size greater than required and then their clothes look baggy. So, the next time you’re at the store, spend some time and try out various sizes to know yours.

Once that is done, you will have to figure out the right fit for you, as well. There are a lot of fits available and only a few will suit you.

For instance, if you are from the slim clan, you can go for slim and tight fit. However, if you are a bit bulky, you can pick regular fitting clothes. Remember even though you have picked up the right size, the garment won’t compliment you unless you find the right fit.

You do not have to buy everything in black

It might be so that you may look quite dashing in black, but that’s not an excuse to buy everything in black. You need to have a range of colors in your wardrobe. Now that does not mean picking up flashy neon colors either.

You can easily go for colors like blue, yellow, shades of grey and other solid colors, or you can even try some prints, stripes, gradients, or even checks.

Do not forget the accessories!

It is not just about the garments, as accessories like shoes and belts, along with wallets and cufflinks also play a very important role. Bad choice of accessories can be so harmful that it can even impact your choice of clothes. So, make sure you make a wise pick depending on your purpose and keep them in good condition.

You can easily go for leather products, as they look classy and set the mood on an elegant note! Since you have a great idea of the basics, why do you not step out and give your wardrobe a revamp? Maybe, this is what you needed to give the desired boost to your confidence and charm people, the right way!

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