7 Essential Style Tips to Look Like a Londoner

London is known for its history and culture, and of course, an important part of this is fashion. London has been the birthplace of some of the world’s most legendary fashion trends over the years, from polished looks to creative experimentation. The strong influence of fashion continues to be evident on the streets of London today. Londoners are known for striking a balance between looking stylish without overdoing it and are followed by fashionistas around the world.

London style is known for being effortless, but this, of course, is deceptive. Careful thought goes into creating that signature London style. In this article, we’ll take a look at that signature London style and give some practical advice on how you can emulate that style for yourself.

How to Dress Like a Londoner: Essential Style tips

Londoners are not restricted to certain styles. Nevertheless, there are certain items of clothing, hairstyles, and signature elements that are iconic to London.  Let’s dive into some tips on how you can that famed London style in your life.

1. British-Cool Hairstyles

Almost every fashion trend returns over time, and Londoners often mix a classic, effortless and minimalistic look with retro throw-backs to the 70s and 80s. Many Londoners have been binge-watching shows like Stranger Things and Russian Doll, which have characteristic retro vibes.  As a result, shaggy hairstyles and fringes are back in style.

The shag is leaning towards a more natural style, ad many salons are getting requests for eye-skimming fringes for a wispy look. So, style your hair in a way that shows off your curls and waves. If you have curly hair and have trouble maintaining its texture, try a styling hair butter or setting spray or find professional hairdressers such as House of Curls to tend your hair.

2.  Trench-Coats Are A Must

If you want to play the London fashion game, then trench coats are a must. The trench trend started as a way to deal with the heavy rains that are unfortunately characteristic of the London climate. It has since become an essential item for Londoners.

The trench’s versatility offers a posh look with the everyday practicality of this weather-proof coat. To look like a true Londoner, you could wear the trench coat as a reinterpretation of a dress and style it with a pair of shorts. You can layer it on top of a shirt and pair of straight pants for a clean and chic look.

3.  The London Hipster Look

Wide-legged trousers with a vintage plaid suit cut represent the urban hipster lad or lady. The hipster vibe has been heavily adopted by Londoners to show off their characteristic British demeanor. This is a great style to try, but be careful to not go overboard with the hipster look. A safe bet is to choose subtle vintage prints with dark colors like burgundy perhaps contrasted with a plain white shirt.

4.  Choose Leather for a Grunge Look

Another style taking over East London boutiques is the minimalist grunge look. Londoners love pairing a black leather jacket with ripped denim and chunky platforms. This grunge-style is typically devoid of prints, so if you have a lot of blacks, whites, or navy items of clothing, you can achieve the perfect London streetwear look.

5.  Combat Boots with Summer Dresses

London girls have proven their keen eye for fashion with this recent trend. In summer, Londoners shed their layers and replace them with lighter dresses. Floral dresses are not new, but pairing them with combat boots is a new twist. Walking is a major part of every Londoner’s life – that’s how you get around. Combat boots, therefore are a comfy option suited to walking around the city, while being stylish enough to pair with pretty summer dresses.

6.  Never Go Wrong with a Pair of Sunglasses

In London, you’ll never see a local without a pair of sunglasses on sunny days. This also applies to all who are determined to look like a Londoner. The ideal pair will be classic shades in black, the “default” color for all Londoners, but any stylish pair of sunglasses will do.

Therefore, if you want to blend in, make sure you find glasses to fit you and your personality. London has a lot of tourists yearly, but you will recognize the residents of the city – they usually wear glasses.

7.  Do Not Be Afraid to Mismatch

Contrary to popular belief, there is no fixed uniform style in London. Not everything needs to match perfectly. The key is to experiment with mismatched items until you come across unexpected combinations that work surprisingly well together.

The style mantra of Londoners is to mix high-end clothes with edgy streetwear pieces. You, too, can crack the code to this mantra with a few bold patterns and dainty blouses. If in doubt, simply leave yourself in the hands of London labels like Burberry, which will bring London fashion straight to your wardrobe.

The beauty of experimenting shows on the streets of the cities and people find great ways to show the world who they are through clothing.  Of course, if you decide to stray from the traditional or common, make it tasteful. You don’t want to look ridiculous and some combinations just don’t work together.


There you have it! We have provided these tips and it is now your turn to implement them. Follow the guide and you will look like a Londoner without any doubt.

Still, to become a true Londoner, you would have to live in this city for a while and find out some of the nuances Londoners do. But that’s a whole new topic. London accepts everyone who sets foot in this city and that’s what makes it beautiful.

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