6 Tips How To Deal With The Boredom In Bed – 2020 Guide

Sex is a very pleasant part of any relationship. At the beginning there is a lot of love and passion, we ignite in every shared moment and making love together always seems sensational to us. But over time, stereotypes often come. Try something new and unconventional, so that the bed will not become boring.

Most couples in a long-term relationship alternate between two and three positions and make love in the same place and at a similar time. But such sex without any creativity, erotic tension and unexpected excitement simply inevitably leads to a stereotype. Unfortunately, once beautiful lovemaking can easily become an ordinary routine that will not bring you any hot experiences and pleasant relaxation. And dissatisfaction in bed can lead to relationship problems. Turn with boredom in time and you will look forward to every erotic moment. What are some fun ideas you can try?

Past research has shown that men are more likely than women to be unfaithful, and it is also the stereotype that men cheat more often than women. Men are often portrayed as being too sexually-oriented, always ready for sex – regardless of the consequences. However, current research shows that this is not quite the case. Research on sexual desire shows that there is no such gap between women and men when it comes to infidelity.

Maybe it’s because in recent years, society has begun to perceive female sexuality in terms of pleasure, which was not common before. For this reason, women are more open and ready to express their sexual desire, experience. It is possible that the difference between the sexes in sexuality never really existed, it was just artificially created and women were afraid to talk about this area as well.

1. Watch Porn Together

Porn movies are not made just for men. At least occasionally, most women watch a porn movie too. Women just don’t brag about it much and usually keep it a secret even from their dear half. But that’s a shame. Watching erotic movies and porn movies together is a very simple, yet effective way to improve your mutual sexual arousal. The sight of other loving couples will make it easier for you to arouse desire, even if you don’t have much appetite for sex. Watching a porn movie together instead of your favorite Netflix series before going to bed is definitely worth a try. And even if you won’t like it, you can easily turn it off at any time.

2. Have Fun Outside

Leave the comfort of your bed or sofa in the living room for once and go to some unconventional place. It’s getting cold outside, but you can still find a nice place in nature where you can indulge in passion. In addition, such sex is spiced with the fear of being caught. And although you may not admit it, there is a bit of exhibitionism in each of us and this idea may be more appealing than you may be willing to admit. The adrenaline rush associated with making love outside will stimulate your blood and you will enjoy sex in ways you have never thought.

3. Use Sex Toys

Erotic toys have saved many relationships, so definitely do not skimp on them. The choice is wide, so why limit yourself to a vibrator or handcuffs. Venus’s balls, erection rings or chastity belt will really stir up your sex life. Pay attention to the erotic lingerie that you will find in the sex shop.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say Your Desires

Everyone has their own idea of sex. When you were young, you may have dreamed of romantic lovemaking, but as you grow older you must look the truth in the eyes and admit what really makes you horny. If you are submissive and you want your partner to tie you up and use various sex toys, while your partner is all about romance and roses then speak up. Also,

ask your partner suggestive questions about what his desires are and straightforwardly tell him that he doesn’t have to worry. Everyone else has sexual preferences and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

5. Make Sex Funny

There is no need to take love activities so seriously. You can use funny costumes and then laugh at each other. Make yourself fun. This is a very important aspect of improving relationships and sex life at the same time. Laugh a lot during sex, because laughter removes stress and suddenly everything is happier and more beautiful.

6. Invite A Guest To The Bedroom

This tip is for brave couples who aren’t really afraid to experiment. Have you ever thought about the idea of ​​sex in three? Have you ever discussed it with your partner and you think you both think it might be a good idea to invite a guest to your bed? Then agree on the rules under which you will try to realize your erotic fantasies. The main and most important rule is “just sex, no feelings”. You must trust each other so that you do not fall into jealousy. If you are clear on this, there is no reason not to let your desires a chance. And where to find a suitable sexual companion? You can ask your friends to join you, but this option is not always the best. After all, you will continue to meet them afterward and there may be some embarrassing situations. Another option would be to invite someone else who will not ask any questions and whom you may never see again if you do not want to. For such a case, you can book an escort service on a site on Escort Fox. Paid sex is a safe and drama-free option for all brave couples.

Stop the boredom in bed and start having fun. Fight it by all means that is acceptable by both of you and live life to the fullest. A fulfilling and interesting sex life leads to a strong and successful relationship.

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