Back To Bayside: ‘Saved By The Bell’ Reboot Releases Its First Peacock Trailer (Video)

Rebooting has been a huge focus for many studios and directors in the past few years. While certain reboots are giving justice to franchises that had potential and never achieved it. Others are seen as too risky to touch but companies are still taking that risk for all these new streaming services that are popping up. Quibi recently announced they would be shutting down after their original content failed to maintain interest. NBC’s streaming service Peacock however is mixing old with the new. In their ‘Saved By The Bell‘ reboot we will see the majority of the orginal 90’s cast return to Bayside High with an entirely new class of high schoolers as well. Many have been skeptical of the execution and questioned would it ruin the show’s legacy. After the horrible spin-offs after the original show, we doubt it can be any worse. Today Peacock has released the first official trailer and the show looks very promising. We see Slayter and Jeese working at Bayside High, Zack Morris in a limited role as the Governor, and Kelly as his wife. You can watch the entire trailer below and look out for the show on Peacock on November 25th.

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