5 Puerto Rico Souvenirs Your Friends And Family Will Love

Traveling is a wonderful thing that makes a person’s life more beautiful and there is little that can compare to it. Thus man expands his horizons by meeting new cultures, tasting different foods, making new friends around the globe and many other things. And one of the most beautiful activities we all do when we travel somewhere is to buy souvenirs. Although these are small things, which usually do not have much value, we all look forward to them. Whether we buy them or someone gives them to us. This means that we think of people close to us and that we want to convey a part of the atmosphere to them. We also buy souvenirs for ourselves, in order to associate us with the nice time we spent in that destination. As Puerto Rico is a very popular tourist destination, today we will give you suggestions on what souvenirs to buy for your family and friends there.

Puerto Rico

Before we move on to the souvenirs you need to buy, let’s tell you a few things about this wonderful country. It is actually an overseas territory belonging to the USA. It consists of several islands and the weather is constantly warm. That is why tourism is very developed, and also because of the mixture of Latino and USA spirit. You can feel Latino spirit because most of the inhabitants are of Spanish descent and speak Spanish, and the USA because they belong to that country. San Juan is the capital and largest city. They are considered to be economically highly developed and security is at a high level, so it is certainly one of the best places you can choose to visit in that part of the world. The only important thing is to avoid the hurricane season.


1. Coffee

Coffee is one of the main products that come to us from this part of the world, so Puerto Rico is no exception. Due to the very favorable climate for the growth of coffee, you can find coffee that is of top quality and very tasty, with not too strong flavor like many coffees from Africa. You will see this when you drink it during your stay on this island, and you will surely want to take it home at least a little. A bag of coffee from one of the local producers and a mug with the symbols of this island is an ideal gift.

2. Spices

If you have ever eaten Mexican food or from other South and Central American countries you know they use very specific and delicious spices. There is almost no man who was not thrilled with such food and wanted to eat it again. So when you return home, you will surely want to feel the same taste when you prepare food in your house. Taste is one of the senses that evokes the most memories, so spices will return you up at least for a moment on this beautiful island. You will find many different spices and blends to buy, especially in San Juan, and that is an ideal choice for a souvenir.

3. Rum

Rum is an alcoholic drink that originated in the Caribbean and the whole world consumes rum which is produced there. It is made from sugar cane. Almost all rum consumed in the USA is produced here. So if you love cocktails, this is a paradise for you. Try different cocktails as well as rum of different flavors. Some of the most popular is the addition of coconut and lemon. You will probably have a hard time deciding which one to take home, as you cannot bring any alcoholic beverages back to the USA. So the choice will have to fall on one or several bottles. So enjoy it while you are there and try as many different ones as possible. If you prefer cocktails even more, then it is best to visit Punto de Vista, a rooftop restaurant that is the best place for Mojito lovers, according to the experts from caribbeansoaps.com

4. Cigars

Cigars are certainly one of the first associations about Cuba, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries. Until 50 years ago, they were among the largest producers in the world, but due to industrialization they lost the race with other, more developed countries. However, since then, their cigars have been considered exclusive, because they are made by hand, from the highest quality tobacco. And that is why they are incomparably better than those that are made in the factory. Some manufacturers, like Don Collins have been around for over 5 centuries, which speaks volumes about how good their products are. You have to visit one of the cigar shops and buy a few pieces as a souvenir for your friends. It is also interesting to go on a cigar tour around the island and visit different factories. Get ready for beautiful scents, completely different from the ones you are used to with commercial cigars. The price varies greatly, so you can find ones that cost a couple of dollars, and some others which cost several thousand dollars.

5. Hammock

According to certain information, the hammock was designed on this island. Even if the first hammock was not made in Puerto Rico, this is definitely an ideal place to buy it for someone who has a backyard. It will be a very nice souvenir, and above all useful and comfortable. You won’t have a problem finding where to buy, because stores that sell hammock are everywhere. Expect slightly higher prices for a hammock than in other places, but that’s because they sell incomparably better quality here, which will last a very long time and can withstand heavy weights. And while you’re there, lie down in a hammock, have a rum cocktail and enjoy the wind coming from the ocean.


These are the most authentic souvenirs you can buy. Ceramic products are also very popular and you can buy a variety of decorated items. You can also buy jewelry, cosmetics and many other handmade things because here handmade production is far more popular than large factories.

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