21 Smart Ways To Drink More Water Every Day – 2020 Guide

You probably already know that an average adult should drink at least 3 liters of water daily. Now that can be a huge task, especially if you never have water until you feel extremely thirsty.

We can understand. It’s not easy to get a hang of good habits. But honestly, getting into the habit of drinking water is probably one of the easiest healthy habits you could develop. Here are some simple ways to get you sipping through the day!

1. Flavor your water

You can always choose to upgrade the normal drinking water with natural fruit juices and extracts. Not only will these refreshing drinks help you stay hydrated, they are also packed with the goodness of natural antioxidants and vitamins.

2. Designate your water bottle

Choosing a water bottle of your choice will help you stay more committed and excited about your hydration goals. Looking at the water bottle will automatically remind you to take a sip from it. There are so many options for water bottles these days you will be spoiled for a choice!

3. Always refill your water bottle

To stay on top of your hydration target, you need to refill that designated water bottle every time you finish it. Having a filled bottle by your side would mean you can make fewer lazy excuses for avoiding water.

4. Carry your water bottle everywhere

Now that you have your favorite water bottle, you should get into a habit of carrying it with you all the time. Yes, we mean you take the bottle in your car, to the gym, on a road trip, on a hike, to the mall, literally everywhere!

5. Try infused water

Infused water is a great way to enhance the flavor and palatability of water. The choices of flavors are limitless. You can infuse water with pieces of fruits, vegetables or herbs and let it sit overnight in the fridge.

6. Make water your choice of drink

The best way to increase your water consumption is to make a habit of choosing water as your drink on all occasions. When you choose water over other sugary fizzy drinks and packaged juices, you are choosing a healthier alternative (with 0 calories!)

7. Install water reminder app

Smartphone hydration apps are a great way to keep a track of your water drinking habits. These apps have options for setting reminders at regular intervals, so you never skip your regular dose of water.

8. Eat more spicy or salty food

If you have the taste for it, you can introduce more spices in your diet. Spicy and salty foods tend to push your thirst and desire to drink water. Eating a few salted nuts is a healthy alternative over salty snacks if you are considering this option.

9. Compete with friends

You can set a daily target for water consumption and compete against friends and family. Even better, you can organize party games around water like water-pong instead of beer-bong.

10. Keep your water cold

Most of people find warm water boring and uninviting. Cool water on the other hand is refreshing and satisfying for most of us. Go for insulated water bottles like the one on IronFlask.com for storing your water at optimum temperature.

11. Gradually increase your water target

It is nearly impossible to raise your hydration target from 1 liter to 3 liters in a couple of days. Take gradual steps towards your goal and slowly reach the target over a span of a month.

12. Try herbal drinks

Herbal teas and drinks have incredible healing and rejuvenating properties. The aroma and warmth from these teas are best suited for your hydration needs during winter months, or when you are under the weather.

13. Drink water first thing in the morning

Most of us wake up feeling dehydrated in the morning. Your mouth may feel dry, lips may crack, and your urine may appear dark and concentrated. It is a good habit to have a glass of water (or two!) as soon as you wake up.

14. Sip water before your meal

It is a good idea to relate your water drinking habit with your mealtime. Sip some water before your meal, while you are preparing dinner or laying out the dinner table. This simple routine will help you stay hydrated effortlessly.

15. Get a water filter

It may be possible that you may not get access to clean drinking water that easily in your daily environment. Maybe your workplace is a construction site, or you happen to trek and hike a lot. If you buy a portable filter system or a water bottle with a filter, you can have ready access to water.

16. Replace aerated drinks with sparkling water

Aerated drinks and soda cans are hardly a good idea for hydration. These drinks are unreasonably sweetened and very high in calories. If you must have something cold and fizzy, go for a bottle of sparkling water, please!

17. Water-rich foods

The source of your daily hydration need not always come from a glass. There are foods that are so rich in water content that you can easily incorporate them in your hydration routine. Include more melons, cucumber, grapefruit, zucchini, strawberries and tomatoes in your diet.

18. Keep water bottles accessible

It’s always sensible to keep water-filled bottles in spots where you’re going to spend a few hours at a stretch. So keep a water bottle next to the TV remote, in your car, on your work desk. This way you can sip on water while you are busy in other activities.

19. Drink water post your work-outs

Post-workout hydration is not just a good habit, it is necessary for your muscle recovery and body temperature equilibrium. In fact, if you’re up for high intensity or endurance workouts, you should be sipping little water all throughout the exercises.

20. Fall into a routine of drinking water

The best way to get into a habit of drinking more water is to plan a routine around your water targets and stick to it.

21. Reward yourself for attained targets

Rewarding your accomplishment is a great way to keep up the motivation. Don’t forget to pamper yourself on the days that you do manage to achieve your daily hydration goals.

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