5 Best Productivity Tools that Can Skyrocket your Sales in 2020

In today’s world, where offline businesses are disappearing, and almost everything is shifting to online space, learning the new market’s way is essential. It is not easy to compete with forces that are digital and already have deep roots well settled.
Fret not! Here are 5 best productivity tools to better understand the market and improve your sales by employing different methods to help with the workflow.

It is essential to know what a Revenue Engine is to understand how revenues can be increased. A Revenue Engine is a bunch of processes mixed together that can be performed repeatedly, efficiently, and used to climb higher with revenue figures.

The following tools will help you establish a Revenue Engine that will skyrocket your sales.

1. Xoxoday Compass: Sales and channel incentives gamification

Xoxoday sells its Compass offerings with a declaration as “The #1 Incentive Gamification Software for Revenue Engines,” It is not without confidence – since their features offer fantastic value. The product features can be summarized in four headings ‘Goals & Performance’, ‘Gamification,’ ‘Analytics & Insights’, and ‘Payout and Redemptions.’

The Goals and Performance feature helps with aligning the behaviors of your employees with your company goals. It lets you define performance indicators, which delineates the terms for incentive earning. With services like Live Scorecards, you can let employees be competitive for productive behavior.

The second feature is Gamification, which means to add game-like mechanics and principles outside games to other activities. In other words, with this service’s help, you can add things like micro-achievements, which could involve objectives or milestones that would make work fun. Also, you can keep track of leaderboards and contests on who is winning. With special systematic notifications, you can help people get reminded of the deadlines.

The third feature is Analytics & Insights, which automates things to help track the employees’ progress. You can clearly understand the current progress by reflecting upon the automatically generated schedule reports, which would enable you to overcome any hurdles of a struggling employee.

To simplify management further, you can automate commissions and incentives by using the fourth feature. If incentives are delayed, a negative perception can be formed, which demotivates the team’s productive behavior. You can let the software do its thing and make sure that your team members are always motivated. Reports can be easily generated for accounting purposes. Options are also available to choose from a wide range of incentive payout catalogs like cash, credit notes or gift cards.

Xoxoday offers other services as well, along with Xoxoday Compass – like Empuls and Plum, adding more functionality to how you operate your business.

For more details, check the “Xoxoday Compass

2. Copper CRM

Things get too busy and cluttered while managing so many virtual relations with the customer. Copper CRM (customer relationship management) software keeps all of the customer data securely in one window for you to access. It will let you update new deals, check any past sales, or create google calendar events straight from your Gmail.

The specialty of Copper CRM is its ability to integrate every G Suite app efficiently in its services. All of this vital information can be shared with the team members to achieve sale possibilities. The manual process of adding customer information can be automated with the software’s help, which would save you time, and we all know time is money. Sales can be managed with custom workflows that will make sure that you are achieving your sales targets. Have better efficiency and customer awareness with Copper CRM and multiply your sales.

3. Acquire

Customer Support is one of the vital aspects of the business, for it ensures that your customers leave you satisfied and come back as a returning customer for steady growth. Acquire’s unified view feature will help you look for your customer interactions all in one place, enabling you to cut on the time it takes to respond to your customers’ grief or queries. You can have your presence where your customers are with 50+ integrations with popular sales support tools.

Need to communicate with a video call? Or want to provide quick live chat support? Along with these two, you can make calls and send SMS, make use of screen share functionality, have chatbots to resolve simple issues quickly, and of course, rely on the comforting support provided by the Email interactions.

Acquire will help you in creating a brand reputation, which is essential in this competitive market. If you lose one customer, you can lose another. Thus, to make things streamlined and your name reliable, try Acquire.

4. Datanyze

Have you ever heard of technographic? Technographic segmentation is a market research analysis tool that can predict customer behavior by studying their online space patterns. It helps make sense of the data by carefully categorizing a seemingly heterogeneous market under homogeneous categories to create a customer profile.

Datanyze is such a tool that can help you find where your customers exist. It can bring your services right to their doorstep. It can tell you when the customers are looking to buy and if your services are needed. It can even indicate to you if a customer stops using your competition’s services to keep you ahead. It can tell how well your services and projects are likely to sell and even help you contact information in a single click.

5. Hootsuite

It is crucial in this fast world to spread your presence on social media apps such as Twitter or Instagram. The more virtual presence you have, the better it becomes for your brand to have a recognizable identity. But having so many accounts can become hectic and fatiguing, not to mention complicated in organizing an equal presence in all the spaces.

Hootsuite lets you organize all your social media accounts in one place and manage them efficiently. It can help you plan things out with a calendar, help your team create picture-perfect posts, and keep up with the schedule. You can quickly address grievances from the inbox too. Try Hootsuite and make your business presence felt.

Summing Up

These curated services will help you manage different business operations steps, from motivating employees to build up a healthy competitive environment to serving your customers better by reaching out to them from multiple sources and making accessibility a painless experience. Try these productivity tools to skyrocket your sales and build a reputation, a brand that people can trust and in which they can happily invest their money.

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