7 Essential Productivity Tools for Work-at-Home Professionals

Productivity is the fruit of hard labor, and in this competitive world, we need reliance and cooperation on our team to produce results that matter, to stay sharp and have that edge. During the Covid-19 pandemic, the times have forced us all to work in a tough environment, making our bedrooms our workplace. Personal life is mixed with the professional one, and the numerous distractions that follow in our place of rest and sleep while working for our boss or with the team affect our productivity.

Working at home is the new norm in the professional world, and it might become a permanent way of living and working for some even after the world stabilizes post-pandemic. Thus, it is essential to become more productive by being more focused on work and successfully create a streamlined workflow that would not make the absence of proper office a hindrance in your efforts. Here, we have curated 7 essential productivity tools for Work-at-Home professionals to maintain harmony for productive results.

1. Vectera

It is important to have a reliable way to communicate with the clients that are the source of all the work that we receive, and in return, we get paid. Happy clients ensure that we have a happy work environment.

To make this possible, Vectera provides better online client meetings with scheduling and payment options, where you can have secured video conferences, a reliable way to make those meetings confidential. You can create communication hubs for all of your clients, respective meeting rooms to organize things better, and serve each client individually.

Besides that you can deeply integrate Vectera with your daily CRM-tools, it also makes it possible to have stutter-free video meetings so that you can focus more on work and not on technical difficulties.

2. Slack

After you get the meetings started, it’s important to get the team arranged in an organized manner. For good teamwork eases the workflow and makes juggernaut tasks manageable, any disruption in the teamwork would impact the whole team, causing delays in the projects and leaving us with unhappy clients. Slack comes to save the day!

It does many things at one place, organizes meetings with your team members, lets you follow all developments in individual topics, projects, or teams within dedicated channels, helps you manage the development of the work process for it saves everything within history and also lets you stay in contact with your clients and keep them in the loop. It can seamlessly connect with most other popular, productive apps that you may commonly use, to name some, Google Drive and Office 365. Other than that, supports over 2,200 or more apps.

3. Google Docs

Google offers Google Docs, which provides professional features to help in creating documents and organize them in one place. You can enjoy features such as adding comments, chat, and make real-time editing possible. It also provides unlimited history so that you can check what and where the changes had been made to undo the mistakes and keep track of all the development happening in the project.

4. Brain.fm

Need to get into that zone to work with increased focus? Use Brain.fm to put your mind in a productive, comfortable, and undistracted environment. The developers have used a science-first approach and back their claims with scientific findings. Listen to some functional music and get those neurons to work as an organized force. The official webpage claims the efficacy of the music to work in just 15 minutes! Check out Brain.fm and create your own office in your mind.

5. Toggl

It is necessary to keep an eye on the productive hours your team is contributing to the project. Toggl lets you do just that efficiently and easily. While it is important to give more productive hours and complete your work hours, it is also important to save your time in keeping checks on your team, to get a cohesive functioning image of your team and make sure that each step that you take to move towards achieving your goal is as feasible as possible. Toggl is an utterly easy app to use, and you can make sure that none of those precious minutes and hours is being wasted.

6. Sanebox

So what is Sanebox? The intriguing name aptly describes its purpose. Working for hours on end can make emails hard to organize and declutter. Sanebox uses AI to identify important messages and learn from your usage pattern. It will check your email history and see which emails are to be prioritized when the need emerges. It gives you a lot of control over scheduling your emails when to receive them and which emails to snooze for the given time. You can keep track of important conversations and see who has replied to your emails and who hasn’t. Trusted by so many professionals, Sanebox helps in keeping sanity under intense pressure.

7. Forest

Ever wanted to grow your forest? Well, we don’t mean literally but then quite literally . Whenever you want to initiate a project and stay focused on it, plant a tree, and watch it grow in the app as you move across finishing tasks that you decided to complete. It is like your personal diary that creatively maintains your to-do list. When you spend in-app virtual coins, the developers donate their partners where they plant real trees in the real world.  By far, 890,301 trees have been planted. The question remains, how many will you plant? Try the Forest app and become productive by managing yourself.

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