How to Keep Birds Away from Your Garden in 7 Easy Steps – 2020 Guide

Birds are lovely animals that we all like. However, they can be a big problem for people that have a garden. For instance, let’s imagine that you have berries and corn in your garden. Bird breeds like jays and crows can be your biggest enemy. That can be a tough thing for people that are big bird lovers. However, everyone tries to protect his fruits and vegetables. People often invest a lot of effort to maintain their garden, and birds can ruin everything for an hour or two.

Fortunately, the solution to that problem comes in different forms. Before everything, you will need to understand how birds think and what they are afraid of. Despite that, you can’t expect that they will stop coming at once. It is recommendable that you react as soon as possible until the consequences become huge. Because of that, let’s find out together how to keep birds away from your garden.

1. Before Everything – Birds Aren’t Stupid

Placing a scarecrow in a garden has been the most popular method for keeping birds away for a long time. However, you are wrong if you think the same method will protect your garden forever. Birds will try out to enter your garden many times during the day or even weeks. They will easily realize after a certain period that your scarecrow is not going to hurt them. The same rule counts when we talk about ribbons, decoys, pinwheels, etc.

We had to highlight this because many garden owners are making a common mistake. They stop checking their garden because they believe that decoys and other stuff will solve the problem.

If you want to use that method, then you should use it in the right way. You will have to move the scarecrow at least once a week. Despite that, you will need to change its clothes as well. The same rule counts if you plan to use reflective CDs. Change their place at least once in 3 weeks. In that way, birds will continue to be afraid of it, and they will avoid coming to your garden.

2. Try to Reach Your Goal with Terror Eyes Balloon

Have you ever heard about terror eyes balloon? In most cases, it is a big yellow ball with big eyes printed on its surface. The owner has to hang it in the garden, and the ball will move together with the breeze. It has a strange influence on the bird’s behavior. They start thinking that a predator is watching them and trying to attack them. Logically, each time when the birds start feeling danger, they will fly away.

3. Plastic Predators

Believe it or not, plastic predators can also bring good results. Even if the predator seems unrealistic, certain bird species are afraid of it. For instance, it can serve as a good protective tool for blackbirds, sparrows, and pigeons. However, you will once again need to change its location more often. In that way, the birds will think that the predator is changing its location.

Additionally, you can use plastic toy snakes to achieve the same results. However, in that case, you may scare yourself sometimes as well. Because of that, it is recommendable that you remember the location where you placed it.

4. Try Out Garden Netting

You will sometimes have to “manually” protect your plants, fruits, and vegetables. Garden netting can serve as a practical barrier, and some people consider them the most effective method. The birds will no longer have the chance to reach the plants you want to protect.

That especially counts when we talk about butterfly netting. It won’t only protect your garden from birds. The butterfly netting can also be beneficial for different insects like honeybees. The bees will still manage to go through it.

Still, you will need to be aware of the consequences that garden netting can bring. Animals can get caught in the loose netting. That especially counts when we talk about those nettings that have holes over 1 centimeter big. In that case, the standard bird can get a beak, head, or leg through it. It is not the point to hurt the birds. Your only goal should be to keep them away from your garden. Because of that, purchase those netting that is not going to harm the birds in any way.

Additionally, be careful when purchasing the netting. You should spend money on those that feature good quality UV resistance. They are going to keep their quality for a longer period. The cheap (green) ones are not going to last long, and they probably won’t bring the results you expect.

5. Use Garden Fleece

People primarily use garden fleece to protect crops from the frosts. However, they can also be a good tool to keep birds away. They are made of white material can people can drop over different greens like chard, lettuces, etc. You should use rocks to weigh the sides down and protect your garden effectively.

6. The Garden Spinners Can Also Be Useful

Birds always get scared when a sudden movement happens. That is the reason why garden spinners can be the right choice. Some people try to solve the problem with streamers and plastic bags. Unfortunately, both things can be blown away by the wind. Because of that, they can easily end up as litter. That is the reason why we do not recommend you use those two things.

On the other hand, garden spinners can bring better results. Logically, they require a bit more attention. You will have to transport them from one place to another once in a few days. As we said, birds are smart, and they will realize that your spinner is not going to hurt them.

7. For the End – Windchimes

As we said, sudden movements and sounds bring positive results. Because of that, windchimes can help you scare the birds as well. Still, there is one small thing that you should remember here. Placing the windchimes on the porch may not bring the results you expect. Instead of that, you should put them out in the garden. If you can use some shiny metals, the results will be even better.

Final Thought

As you see, all the steps we talked about are easy. The point here is to get educated and find out everything about different bird species. We recommend you check because it is a place where you can find out all the important details. After you learn everything about these lovely animals, keeping them away from your garden won’t be a problem at all.

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