Are Wedding Websites Really Necessary?

Do you have an upcoming wedding? Are you worried about how the pandemic will affect it and if you can actually go ahead and have a traditional in-person celebration? Have you thought that you might need to have guests attend your event virtually?

Many couples are turning to this medium so that they can still move forward with their plans. Some couples have decided to plan smaller events, and some are continuing to plan the day of their dreams, with the date still to be confirmed. A specific event website works perfectly for all these options, and no matter where you are in your planning journey.

What is a Wedding Website?

They are the perfect place for couples to keep their planning, gift registry, attendees, and other aspects, in one place. Unfortunately, as COVID-19 becomes increasingly more of a hindrance, wedding websites offer a place to have the usual pre-big-day excitement, tracking RSVPs, a place to give and receive gifts, a place to hold photos, and so much more.  There is usually a lot of stress placed upon brides (and less so, the groom) in the run up to the day. The ability to streamline the planning process is quickly becoming an ideal way to make life easier in these stressful times. In general, they are an immense help in the overall planning and enabling the couple to feel more organized.

What if lockdowns are put back into place? What if celebratory gatherings are limited, or once again, not allowed? It does not really matter to the couple who have a website – the celebration can still take place on the planned date, albeit virtually! Your dress, the beautiful flowers, and the gorgeous cake will still be seen by the guests, and they can even have their wedding favors delivered to their door prior to the event, to truly get into the matrimonial spirit. And do not forget to tell them, they must nonetheless wear their “Sunday best” even if the event is virtual, because they will be able to see and interact with the other guests!

Using a Website to Plan Your Wedding

Wedding websites are an online space, fully dedicated to your special day. Not only does it include all the details of the event, it enables seamless communication between you and your guests. It is a digital tool that comes ready to go with all of the essential details around your event, including everything that guests need to know. Are there guests with dietary restrictions? Any guests who cannot make it but want to know where to send a gift? Guests asking at which stores they can find the gift registry, etc. It is all within your website, the digital tool that can help you plan the finest details of your big day. These websites are customised and are the perfect way to showcase your day, the designs, your aesthetic, and tastes. Personalized according to yours and your partner’s tastes to be accessed from any type of device, such as laptop, desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet, or iPad. Providers of wedding websites will usually always ensure that your own website automatically adjusts to whatever device size the visitor is accessing the site from.

Why Should You Have a Wedding Website?

They are a must for any bride and groom and should be a non-negotiable these days. Here are some of the main reasons why every couple planning their most special day should have one:

  • Accessible any time of the day or night
  • It will help you stay highly organized
  • Provide additional information that the traditional invitation cannot
  • They are easy on the budget
  • Eco-friendly invitations and RSVP cards
  • Provide guests a sneak peak into your big day and the theme as well as the colors
  • Automated workflows
  • Built in budget calculator
  • No word limits like there are on paper invitations (feel free to include directions to a tucked away location or any additional information you wish to include)
  • Ability to easily convey any last-minute changes
  • Easily share all the details of the day
  • Live stream your entire wedding

The stress that goes hand in hand with wedding planning need not be an issue anymore. A specific website helps to take out the anxiety of planning the day, considering everything you may need planned leading up to the event, on the actual day, and afterwards. Brides will be able to plan their day effortlessly, and even have the beautiful photography from the day uploaded to perfectly organized albums afterwards. An online space for your special day is the ideal memento as they are available forever.

  • Imagine being able to see guest RSVPs in real time.
  • Imagine being able to see your guests’ dietary requirements and ensure their meal is planned right down to the last detail taking into account their specific restrictions?
  • Imagine receiving reminders and countdowns, ensuring you never forget a thing when it comes to arranging your big day?
  • Imagine receiving a reminder that tells you it is time to send out your invitations?
  • After the celebratory day, imagine being able to share specific photo albums with certain guests?

Your own customized website removes all the hassle that comes with planning a big event such as a wedding.

Where to Start with a Wedding Website?

If you have a paper planner or thick hardback journal, gift it to someone else. Or, if you do not have one yet but you are about to buy one to start planning, no need! The digital trend of wedding websites is quickly becoming more popular by the day. It is a streamlined way to organize, without the stress, but also without the carbon footprint. The holy grail of wedding planning used to be the paper planner, but not anymore. Wedding websites are here – and they are here to stay judging by their huge popularity. To get started, take a look at some of the templates designed and ready to use from your chosen supplier.

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