Stylish Yet Subtle Ornaments for the New Age Women

Women have been adorning wide variety of tastefully designed jewelry pieces since centuries. While some of these jewels render a dazzling appeal others offer a subtle look. The modern day women seek jewels that are not very shiny yet not so subtle that they go unnoticed. Beautiful romadesignerjewelry is a perfect amalgamation of style and sophistication. The brand offers exquisite designer jewelry pieces that are attractive but not flashy. Thus, they serve as an apt choice for the young women of our times. These are also loved because they do not just render style but work at various levels. Confused? Keep reading for the interesting information ahead that will clear your doubts.

During the ancients times, jewelers embedded various kinds of stones and crystals in different types of metals to give shape to wide variety of ornaments. Colourful and vibrant gemstones did not only add to the beauty of those jewelry pieces but also rendered healing properties to them. The trend still continues and is loved for what it offers. Many top brands have incorporated such designs but given them a unique twist to match the taste of the modern day women.

Let us learn more about these stylish patterns that have made their way in the modern world and as to why you should totally go for them:

Jewelry Pieces – More Than Just a Style Statement

Top brands boast of ornaments that have high aesthetics and distinct appeal. These are more than just a style statement. They change the wearer’s life for the better owing to the healing properties attached to them.

The Soothing Effect of Metals

Various kinds of rich metals such as silver, gold and platinum are used to craft designer jewelry that is in high demand these days. Each metal has its own set of unique properties.

Let us take a look at the various properties attached to different metals:

Silver: This is one of the best metals discovered so far. It is known for its calming and soothing impact on mind. Wearing a silver chain, ring or pendant can bring about a positive change in a person’s life.

Gold: Known for its radiance, gold renders several health benefits. It improves blood circulation, regulates body temperature and boosts overall immunity.

Platinum: Jewelry crafted with this metal is gaining popularity not just because of its distinct look but also due to the fact that it enhances overall health.

Healing Effect of Gemstones/ Crystals

We have all seen jewelry embedded with different kinds of precious stones. Some of these include emerald, opal, pearl, sapphire, topaz, lapis lazuli and amber. These stunning gemstones have formed a part of various ornaments since the ancient times. Jewelers imported these from different places to give way to stunning jewels. Even today, many brands around the world offer huge variety of jewelry pieces embedded with all kinds of colourful stones.

Different stones go well with different kinds of metals. For instance, a silver chain with an emerald or lapis lazuli pendant looks awesome. Likewise, a gold bracelet embedded with beautiful pearls is a great choice and a platinum ring embedded with a blue sapphire appears outstanding. These gemstones look spectacular and also have the power to heal one’s mind and body. Different healing properties are attached to different stones. Here is a look at the benefits offered by some of the popular ones:

Lapis Lazuli: The beautiful blue coloured crystal boosts creative thinking ability and instills high level of confidence in the wearer.

Pearl: The pure white stone enhances integrity and renders calmness. It also promotes faith and boosts the power to concentrate.

Emerald: Loved for its unique green color, emerald is known to render domestic bliss and fill life with abundance of love.

Amber: Being yellow in colour, it offers a bright yet subtle appeal. Those undergoing mental stress and anxiety should wear it to heal these problems.

Rose Quartz: The spectacular pink coloured crystal is known to render unconditional love. It improves relationships by restoring love, trust and harmony in them.

Diamond: As beautiful as it looks, diamond boasts of several healing qualities. It adds charm to the personality. It also enhances confidence and renders peace of mind.

Opal: It is known to instil psychic ability and enhance cosmic consciousness. Opal also boosts creative thinking ability and combats negative emotions such as anger and self doubt. If you deal with memory issues then it is particularly a good choice for you.

Sapphire: This stone is apt for those who struggle with concentration. Wearing ring or chain embedded with sapphire can build focus, render calmness and boost creativity.

Ruby: It renders positive energy and fills life with compassion. It guards the wearer from psychic attacks and enhances wisdom.

The special qualities attached to stone studded jewelry gives all the more reason to adorn it. It offers the much needed soothing and healing effect amid our hectic and stressful lifestyle. This is the reason why more and more women across the globe are opting for these marvels jewels.

Wide Variety of Ornaments to Choose From

There is a wide variety of ornaments to choose from. You can lay hands on aesthetically designed anklets, bracelets, neck pieces, chains, pendants, rings and earrings. These are available in a variety of metals and are embedded with different kinds of crystals and gemstones.. It is suggested to browse through the various available options and pick the one that matches your style and fits your budget.

Jewelry pieces can be quite expensive. As you decide to shell out a substantial amount on them, make sure the products you are opting for are authentic. For this, it is suggested to go for a trusted brand. You can choose from a wide variety of jewels they offer or get your ornaments customized. Many top jewelry brands offer the option of customized jewelry. These brands are glad to introduce their customers to their skilled jewelry designers who craft various kinds of designs on demand.

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