How to Prepare for a Backpacking Trip to New Zealand?

New Zealand is one of the most remote places on the planet Earth. A few thousand kilometers away from Australia, it is located in the Pacific Ocean. Due to this distance, it is among the last discovered and populated places. This has led to a very rich natural world. Most of the inhabitants are of European descent and it is a British colony since 19th century. Living conditions are very good and many choose to emigrate there because of the high standard and pleasant climate. It is said that it always spring in New Zealand.

Due to its beautiful and unusual nature and relief, it has become a place where various films were filmed. The famous movie The Lord of the Rings made this island even more famous. That has increased the number of tourists and more and more people decide to visit it. The backpacking trip is popular all over the world, even in New Zealand. Many believe that this is the only real way to feel the spirit of the place you are visiting. If you are one of those preparing for a backpacking trip to New Zealand, we will explain what steps you need to take to prepare for that trip.

1. Get a visa

The first thing you need to do is check if your country is on the list of countries whose citizens need a visa to enter New Zealand. If you need a visa, start the application process immediately, so that the date of your departure does not come close and you do not have a visa yet. If your country is on the list of those whose citizens can enter the country, then you will only need the Electronic Travel Authority for which you are applying online.

Our advice is that because you are planning a backpacking trip, apply for a Working Holiday Visa, regardless of whether you can enter the country with or without a permit. Working Holiday Visa will allow you to tour New Zealand but also work there for up to a year. In this way you will be able to significantly extend your trip, and also to spend less money, because you will earn there. It is an ideal option for all adventurers who want to visit every corner of the country but have a limited budget.

2. Make a route for your trip

To be able to plan everything, make a detailed itinerary of the whole trip right at the beginning. This way you will save a lot of money because you will have discounts due to early bookings and you will not risk missing out on tickets for some of the locations you want to visit. How you create your itinerary is entirely up to you. Our advice is to start in Auckland, which is the city with the most inhabitants. It is very interesting to visit and it will surely take you at least a few days. Once you have met him in detail, you can move on. Continue to Hamilton, a very beautiful city.

Nearby is Hobbiton, a set from the filming of The Lord of the Rings, which is completely preserved and a must-see. Continue to Rotorua, a geothermal spa. There are several places where you can continue your journey, until you reach the other end of the island to the capital, Wellington. So you will visit North Island very well. South Island is much less populated and it is up to you to decide whether to visit it as well. If you decide, you will be enchanted by the beautiful nature.

3. Choose the time of year when you will travel

If you plan to spend a year, then this does not matter. But if you plan to spend just a month or maybe three months, then it’s time to decide when to travel. The best choice is to travel between March and September. Then it is nominally winter in New Zealand. But like we said, it always springs there. In this way, you will avoid large groups of tourists who usually come during the summer, or mostly around the New Year. Everything will be much cheaper and there will be no long lines in front of the place you want to visit. If you want, you can fly 5 hours to Bora Bora and visit that beautiful place. There is also a low season then, so you will save a significant amount of money for accommodation in one of the resorts. If you decide to spend a year on New Zealand, then plan to work during the summer and go on a backpacking trip during the winter.

4. Consider which mode of transport you will use

We cannot say that some mode of transport is the best. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Your decision will depend on your budget, your needs and the length of your stay in New Zealand. If you are going to spend only a month or a little more, use all the types of transport that are offered to you. Bus, car rental and trains will take you to all the destinations you want to see. If you still decide to stay longer three months or more, then there are several options available to you. Something for which many decide is to buy a car, and when they go home, they sell it. That way, you should spend very little, because a used car will lose very little in value.

For example, you can buy a car in Auckland and sell it when you arrive in Wellington. Just be careful not to be deceived when buying a car. BestRated has made a list for you of the best-used car dealers in Auckland, to keep you safe.

5. Pack everything you need

You have to be prepared for everything on a backpacking trip. Of course, if you forget something, you can also buy it when you arrive. But pack a lot of clothes. It is important that you have a lot of layers so that you can take them off and put them on depending on the weather conditions. Pack a few pairs of comfortable and durable shoes. Be sure to wear shoes several times first, don’t wear them for the first time there. Also, have everything you need for first aid and camping.


New Zealand is a beautiful place and very safe. You will enjoy during your backpacking trip and gain unforgettable experiences.

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