4 Tips on Running an Instagram Store While at College

Have you ever dreamed of running your own business? Today, it is much more feasible than ever before. The Internet provides an opportunity to balance several tasks and manage your time and money.

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks, which has become not only a place for fancy photos and short videos. It is currently one of the major business platforms where everyone can try one’s luck.

The young generation representatives are active Instagram users, and when it comes to services or goods, they are most likely to go online and trust their favorite blogger or a shop account. Running a store has never been more accessible.

Although it may seem easy at first, in reality, the Instagram business can’t be compared to a personal account, as you become in charge of pretty much everything. Initially, be ready to perform as a content manager, a copywriter, a marketing manager, and a photographer.

You might not have enough time or inspiration to combine studies and work. While at college, delegating your writing assignments to essay editors might be a smart move. This way you’ll be able to ensure both holding a diploma one day and a possibility to build a career from campus.

So, if you are wondering how to set up a successful Instagram store while at college, keep reading.

Create Your Unique Style

This very first step is inevitable as, no matter what your goods are, Instagram is 100% about visual content. It is crucial to be recognizable and unique out there.

So, you need to use your imagination to present the goods in the best way to instill in users the desire to buy from you. And they are not keen on simple photos with goods on a plain background these days. If you lack ideas, find inspiration in templates, other shops, and magazines.

Your style should revolve around several essential parts:

  • Your profile photo;
  • Your logo;
  • Fonts;
  • Color palette.

Before you post any new image or video, answer several questions:

What colors come to my mind when I think about my goods?

What other colors are matching? If you’re not sure about the answer to this question, check good old Pinterest and search for matching colors as there are usually tons of ideas.

When you decide on your palette, stick to it, and be consistent in your style. Plain pics with mild light are in demand today. Think ahead about making them look aligned, have a content schedule.

You may use apps that imitate an Instagram feed. The image-to-post can be viewed there before you add something to the actual store profile.

Also, keep in mind associations while exercising your creativity. For example, if you’re selling a pen, what comes to your mind? It may be a journal, an ink, an office, a white shirt, hands, a writer, a blank sheet of paper, an essay, etc. So, an ultimate picture would look like a student sitting in a library, writing a paper with your pen.

Post Regularly

To engage your followers and keep them interested, it is crucial to be consistent and post frequently. Instagram algorithms promote active users. Regular posting will help your popularity grow, and followers won’t forget about your goods.

Don’t overlook stories, as it has become a powerful tool for engaging the audience. Businesses use them as it is a great chance to tell more about the brand and the concept behind it. If you’re too shy to make videos, you can add photos of your goods with text or any other related content.

Set Clear Goals

As with any other business, the Instagram store requires clear goals and strategies to flourish. Unless you set the priorities, it won’t bring results, and followers won’t turn into clients.

Instagram customers are different from those coming via other channels. Unlike offline shopping, Instagram users don’t usually scroll their feeds with the purpose of shopping. It is your goal to persuade them to buy your goods or services.

Inspiring and beautiful content should captivate and fascinate your followers. You are to make it hard for them to imagine their lives without purchasing something from you.

Interact With Your Audience

This is one of the essential steps you should take to have a successful business account. Although it is a store, people are coming to you, and they buy from a real person.

They want to know more about you, feel some connection. Let them Your goal is to make them interested not only in your goods but in your personality as well.

There are several ways, how you can interact with the followers:

  • Make stories;
  • Ask about their opinions;
  • Respond to comments on your posts;
  • Reply to messages in Direct.

Communicating with an audience is a wonderful way to build a solid community on Instagram. If someone has shared a thought with you and got a response, it should increase credibility. Users who got your feedback would likely recommend your brand and account to their friends, attracting potential clients.

Final Thoughts

If you’re running an online business, it may seem like a funny freelance job at first. Still, there are some golden rules. People go on Instagram in search of inspiration. So, be ready to be the source of it. Another important aspect is to be passionate about your business, coming up with the concept and principles.

Also, to be successful, you have to socialize. Similar to real life, we need to have people who would share our views and be open to cooperation. Not only does socialization increase motivation, it also boosts account engagement and popularity.

Hope you’ve found our tips useful. Good luck with your endeavor!

Egbunem SolomonA Writer with a demonstrated history of working in the publishing industry. Skilled in Product Promotion, Affiliate Marketing, Website Promotion, Blogger, and Blogging.


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