5 Must-Have Items for Any Dressing Room

Dressing rooms are becoming increasingly popular with new build homeowners and Instagram home accounts alike, with the majority of new-build homeowners being first-time buyers and of a younger age, this often means there are going to be spare bedrooms available to convert into a dressing room and walk-in wardrobe. This might only be for a few years until children come into the picture, but it’s 100% worth the little time and effort it takes to create such a practical and feel-good room.

Dressing rooms and walk-in wardrobes often intertwine with each other to create a practical room with additional storage all wrapped up in its own personal décor styling. Walk-in wardrobes are mainly storage space for clothing, but adding a dressing table boosts the room’s purpose and extends the duration of time you’ll spend here. This means if you’re spending more time in here, you want it to be a feel-good space, somewhere you get excited to be, somewhere that generates positivity and sets you up before you leave the house.

Below are the top must-have items for any dressing room to complete the look and boost the feel-good factor:

1. A Hollywood Mirrors

Simply put, this is probably going to be the main must-have item in ANY dressing room as it boosts your mood and confidence the moment those bulbs light up around the glass. The lighting that Hollywood mirrors give off is next to none, but the simple styling of the bulbs around the mirror make you feel as if all the attention is on you! Many Hollywood stars have these mirrors in their homes and you can see why. They come in various sizes with the option to wall mount so you can always find space for one in your room.

Be aware, owning a Hollywood mirror means that your friends will gravitate towards your home when looking for the ideal place to get ready and enjoy a few drinks before going out.

2. A Comfy Stool

Applying makeup isn’t something that takes a set amount of time. If I’m running late, 10 minutes can be all it takes for an everyday look, or if I’m planning on going on a night out where there will be plenty of photos and posing it can easily take over an hour to perfect every detail. When you are going to be sitting in front of the mirror for nearly all this time, you NEED a comfy chair or stool. Some dressing room stools come with storage built-in, which is perfect for chunkier items like hairdryers and straighteners. The last thing you want after 1 hour of perfecting your glow is a numb backside putting you off and ruining the feel-good vibe.

3. Your Designer Shopping Bags

This might not seem like an obvious tip, but keeping your shopping bags like the gift bags from Pandora or Louis Vuitton can add an ultra-luxurious feel to the room. Show them off on shelving around your dresser or on the tops of your wardrobes to give an expensive and glamorous touch. If the bags are in pristine condition, it has the same effect as when you walked into the luxurious shop to buy them in the first place, but now you can add this to your own home. Not that it matters, but these also make for an eye catching backdrop on a dressing room selfie whilst lit up with the professional lighting from your Hollywood mirror.

4. A Full Length Floor Mirror

Some of you may already have these somewhere in the house, but in the dressing room you cant complete the styling without one. A floor-length mirror is the last minute check before you leave the house, from the heels to the hair you can see your work in all its glory. You can opt for something frameless and modern for a timeless look, or a decorative framed mirror in a rustic silver/gold finish.

Mounted or leaning? Both have their benefits here, with mounted giving an accurate look at how others will see your outfit. This can be helpful with seeing if your heels are too high or what your butt looks like naturally. A leaning mirror resting on the wall will make you feel slightly taller and gives a different feel to the room, like you’re too cool to hang your mirrors and usually works better with the grand style decorative mirrors.

5. Proper makeup storage

This might be an obvious one for some readers, but too many of us spend a good amount of time tidying the dressing room putting all of our makeup accessories away only for it to look like a burglary has taken place within the next 24 hours. If you fill your empty drawers with separates and drawer organizers you’ll be blown away why you didn’t do this sooner. Yes, you have to stay on top of putting everything back in its place but it adds to the feel-good vibe we keep referring back to when everything is in its place and correctly stored before you sit down at your dresser.

This also applies to hairdryers and straighteners, it’s not got the same wow effect when these are just left on the floor or on the dresser table. Get an under table holster that you can dock your hairdryer and straighteners in whilst remaining out of sight but within reach.

Final Thoughts

And there we have it, the 5 essential items that every dressing room must-have. Styling the room comes down to personal taste, so we’ll leave the colors and artwork to you but keeping the room tidy is a must! Remember, this room is about feeling good, not just being practical. Every woman should have a space they feel confident and powerful, so celebrate your beauty and show the world your colors.

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