Can You Trust Online Betting Websites – 2020 Guide

Online Betting has recently become a craze. People may place bets from the comfort of their homes. Nowadays, several companies like Wunderdog help sports fans with predictions while they sit back in the comfort of their homes in the USA. Major sports channels like ESPN and magazines like Wall Street Journal feature Wunderdog Sports and the company sends sports picks for free to the inbox of the user.

However, these online betting sites are not always safe. They are often the hub of fraudulent activities. In such a scenario, it is quite difficult to trust them. Let us find out a few factors which guarantee that the website is trustworthy.

The factors are as follows:

1. Customer Reviews

The more reliable a betting website is, the more positive reviews it will have. The prospective users need to do thorough research before zeroing in on a particular betting website. They must choose a betting website that has the maximum number of positive customer reviews. The websites must have positive ratings from previous users. The positive reviews should be the latest ones. The reviewers need to be experts in their respective fields. Veteran people who place bets regularly, claim that people should not only go by the positive comments in the reviews sections. They should also look out for the absence of negative reviews or negative comments.

2. Security and Safety

 Undeniably, the world of the Internet is filled with scammers. Hence, the betting websites must offer security and safety to the users. The websites should be encrypted such a way that the confidential information of the betters cannot be hacked. Those who place bets often need to share their credit card details and other personal information. The websites should be designed so carefully that the third parties are not able to access this information. It is the responsibility of the betting websites to offer this much protection to the customers. Such websites should also be ethical enough not to sell the personal information of customers like their photos or phone numbers to third parties.

3. Payout options and Speed

People who have won a bet are eager to get paid at the earliest. They feel doubtful about the credibility of the betting website as soon as their payment gets delayed. As a result, the payout needs to be fast. Winners need to be paid out at the earliest. Also, there should be several options for payout. Generally betting websites which allow people to withdraw using Amex or PayPal are authentic and trustworthy. It is mandatory for a betting website to describe how to place a payout request in detail.

4. Customer service

The betting websites must have active and helpful customer care service. The prospective users of the websites may also place a test call to the customer care, to check the level of service they provide. The users may face an issue with a deposit or a particular payment. They will need to call up the customer care then. Lethargic or rude customer care executives speak volumes about the trustworthiness of the betting website.

5. User Interface

The betting websites must have a smooth user interface. They should be easy to operate and navigate. A complicated or ill-designed user interface speaks volumes about the reliability of the website.

6. License

A reliable betting website must have a license. They must be certified by the regulatory or governing body. A website which operates without a license is unreliable as well as illegal.

7. Vintage

A betting website should be present in the field for a long time. Interested people should check out for how long it has been in service before trusting it.  Experience makes it reliable. Dubious or unreliable websites do not last for long. People inevitably find out their duplicity sooner or later. As a result, such fake companies are bound to shout their doors.

8. Terms and conditions

 Many betting sites do not pay out a customer who has won a bet. Then, they change their terms and conditions to support their actions. The people who place bets should check the terms and conditions of the site before they place bets. Then, the sites will not be able to take such undue advantage of the people.

The Reasons Behind Choosing a Trustworthy Online gambling Site:

It is of vital importance to choose a trustworthy online gambling site. The reasons are as follows:

1. Saves Money

If the new players place a bet in an online site which is not trustworthy, they may face issues in getting paid out their winnings.

2. Protecting the money

A reliable online gambling site predicts the winners after a thorough research. Hence, the customers are sure their money is safe. They should not place bets on the wrong target and lose their hard-earned money.

3. Protecting Identity

Many people do not want others to know that they have placed bets. So, a reliable online gambling site ensures that the identity of the users is protected. They are designed so securely that the hackers may not hack them. However, the users find the interface easy to navigate.

4. Help in making money

A standardized online gambling site conducts research before predicting the winner. Hence, the users who follow the trustworthy online sites, end up in making money, On the other hand, people who follow substandard or unreliable online gambling sites end up losing money.

5. Follow Legal Practices

 A  trustworthy betting site will not instigate the player to take an illegal step. Hence, those who are new to the field must do thorough research to find out whether the steps mentioned in the betting sites are legal.


 The betting companies should have a consistent history of paying the winners on time. It should not take more than a few weeks for the payment to process. The information of the online site, like the number of customer care, and the contact details of the office should be mentioned in the landing page of the website. People should also take a second opinion from a reliable person before using an online site.

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