10 Online Tools for Kids to Improve Writing Skills

Writing is one of the most essential skills that parents and teachers want kids to learn. It not only teaches them the art of expressing themselves but at the same time enhances their language skills. Writing helps kids organize their thoughts, develop critical thinking, and enhances their imagination. It is a skill that will help them throughout life. So why not start early and train your kids to write better? Here are 10 best online tools that will help you accomplish this goal in a fun, interactive, and engaging way.

1. Jumpstart Essay Writing Activities

Introduce your child to the world of essays on this amazing website. Jumpstart.com has hundreds of essay writing activities for kids that you can easily download on your mobile or desktop. Each activity comes with a description that includes the supplies required for the activity and the directions of the activity.

Activities particular to a particular grade are given on this website so it is easier for you to pick up the right activity for your kid. For instance, an essay on mom is generally for kids of 2nd grade. It also includes complete information about the rules of writing an essay so parents or teachers can easily explain it to the kids and get them started.

2. StoryJumper

Is your kid fond of stories? Then why don’t teach them how to write one? Many elementary and primary schools encourage their students to write stories. This is mainly because writing stories help kids align their thoughts together and strengthen their communication skills.

Storyjumper.com contains hundreds of stories that your kids can listen to. It also provides kids with a chance to create their own stories and publish them. To begin with, you can read stories to your kids and make them familiar with the storytelling process. Then, you can ask them to create some interesting characters of their own and create storylines around those characters. Give wings to their imagination and see how their stories turn up. It is a great way to enhance their imagination, creativity, and writing skills altogether.

3. ReadWriteThink

This website is a complete package for kids as young as in Kindergarten up to grade 12. Here you can find lesson plans for your child. It also includes various learning objectives such as vocabulary practice, writing process, writing genres, grammar, critical thinking, and many more. Kids can learn how to write stories. They can learn about rhyming schemes and acrostic poems. It also has tools that can help students in answering research questions, prose writing, and how to bridge the gap between research and writing. Another great feature of this website is the literacy calendar that includes all the important dates and events related to literature and writing, for instance, birthdays of various authors and holidays.

4. Teach The Children Well

This is a gem of a resource that will take care of your child’s every learning need about writing. This website contains a list of resources related to grammar, writing, language, mystery, mythology, reading, and spelling. This means unlimited ways to make your child get fond of writing or enhance their writing skills. You will find links to games, puzzles, and worksheets for writing here. You can explore how research is done or how an essay is created. You will also find interesting activities that will help your kid learn more about academic writing.

5. Graphic Organizers

Have you heard about the amazing benefits of using mindmaps? Mindmaps are a graphical way to arrange your ideas and find connections between them. Mindmaps are a great tool because they help the child look at the big picture. Kids can organize their ideas and create stories with the help of mindmaps.

Graphic Organizers are one of the websites that helps your child begin with mind-mapping. It contains many templates for putting your ideas together in a graphic format. It includes word web, idea wheel, observation chart, planning chart, sequence chart, spider map, time-order chart, and a lot more tools that can help your child organize their ideas and thoughts in a better way. Using these tools will help your child in enhancing their problem solving, analytical as well as critical thinking skills.

6. Learn English for Kids by British Council

British Council is a renowned platform for people of all ages. It has the best resources that can help everyone in enhancing their English skills. Learn English for Kids is another initiative by the British Council that enables kids to enhance their reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar, and vocabulary skills all in one place. This website has an attractive design that would definitely impress kids. It has got all kinds of games and interactive puzzles that can help kids in enhancing their writing skills.

From postcards to book reviews, diary entries, penpal letters, invitations, and timetables there are a variety of skills to learn from here. Other interesting things on this website are:

  • Flashcards for learning new words
  • Crafts activities such as card making, invitation designing, and more
  • Activity sheets on different writing topics
  • Coloring pages on a variety of topics including people, places, seasons, etc.

7. MyKidsWay

Here’s another gem of an online resource that will help your kids master the art of essay writing. We all know that one of the most important forms of academic writing in which students need assignment help is essay writing. In that case, you can check GoAssigmentHelp. Many students think that writing an essay is not tough at all. This is because they use the same formula of essay writing that they learned in primary school throughout their academic career. However, as they move to higher grades they are required to reflect some expertise and maturity in their essays.

MyKidsWay.com is a perfect website to help your kids start with essay writing in the first place and then enhance their writing as they grow up. This website contains a huge collection of sample essays that will help your kids understand the process of writing. You will also find quizzes, games, and weekly essay contents here to help your kid grow as a writer.

8. BoomWriter

This is a collaborative writing platform for primary and secondary school kids. Here children are given three kinds of writing tasks:

StoryWriter: Children are given the first chapter from their teacher or parent and then they have to write the following chapters of the story. Students can check other students’ stories as well.
WordWriter: Children are given a list of words that they should include in their writing.
ProjectWriter: Children are given a task to create an academic writing collection

This kind of writing website is suitable for those kids who have surpassed the beginner levels of writing and are now capable of creating write-ups on their own.

9. PowerPoetry

This website claims that it is the largest online platform for teen poetry. You can encourage kids to read and write poetry with this website. It has the latest topics related to teen-life. It also includes a feedback mechanism where kids can read each other’s poetry and share their thoughts about it. It is an interesting way to enhance the creativity of kids, especially teenagers. It also helps in their emotional development as they identify their emotions through poetry, enables them to respect other people’s perspectives, and helps them in embracing the differences among people of various backgrounds and ethnicities.

10. StoryBird

Here’s my last recommendation and an aesthetic one! This website is targeted for kids as young as six years old. It helps them create storybooks, poems, picture books, and illustrations. All these things not only help them learn how to write and communicate their ideas but also enhances their creativity and knowledge. Kids can even publish their works here and let everyone read.

This platform could be your kid’s first step in the world of writing and can help them go far beyond perfection. It caters to all their essential needs as a writer and builds the right foundation of thinking, reasoning, ethics, responsibility, and communication.

These ten online tools are perfect for children of different ages and can be stepping stones to better writing skills. However, one should also encourage kids to write on paper, draw their ideas and colorful illustrations. The brain engages differently when we type words on a computer and while we write on paper. So, a combination of both forms of writing will make the learning process much fun for the kids.

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