6 Benefits of Custom Printed Coffee Bags for Your Business

Starting your own business can be challenging. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration before even starting. Sure, it all starts with an idea and a desire to work, but that is not enough. You shouldn’t rush into anything, especially not something that your livelihood might depend on. First of all, you need a business plan, a valid point by point plan on how you’re going to operate. Let’s say you’re planning on selling coffee. Sure, almost everyone drinks coffee every day so the demand for it is huge, but, that just means a lot of people are doing it, too. So, how will you separate yourself from your competition and make sure your business grows? By having a custom, personalized packaging. Let’s talk about that.

1. Spreading awareness about your brand

First of all, you need to establish your brand. You need to create a look and a vibe for your product that is unique, recognizable, memorable and easily associated with the product you’re selling, in this case, that is coffee. Having a red packaging with some flames and maybe a dragon will probably look pretty cool, but is it properly representing your product or what your business stands for? No, it probably isn’t. By looking at that package one might guess it’s some ground chilli pepper and just move on and search for coffee elsewhere. That’s why you want to make sure you’re sticking out, but still sticking to some universal standard associated with coffee. Now that we’re clear on that and you have decided on a suitable look and you’re feeling confident about, you need to apply it to the packaging. What’s the use of a good logo and a brand if you’re selling your product in a completely transparent, non-branded pouch. Sure, you can see it’s coffee, but, how can the customer know it is yours? Well, you custom print it, you put your logo on there. Now you have an awesome package and an even better logo printed onto it and everyone can see it. Advertising by just selling a product is a great deal if you ask me.

2. Cutting costs and raising profit

Choosing the right package to store your product within is a very important decision you have to make. Not only do some packages preserve the product better, they most certainly do, but they greatly affect the profit you make and you’ll agree that having a profitable business is the goal. So, let’s talk about that. It’s not a secret that a hard package, say tin-can for example, is much more expensive than a clear stand-up pouch. And to be fair, the only reason behind it is the price of the material from which is made. What’s funny is that cans are in no way better than the pouches, other than maybe a personal preference. But, since we’re talking strictly about how this can affect your business, tin-cans are not the right move and it’s much more reasonable and business savvy to get stand up pouches from wholesale at hibags.com.

3. Pouches are environment friendly

A great thing about pouches, aside from being cost-efficient, is that they are made out of non-toxic, recyclable materials, which means they are way better for the environment than a regular plastic can or a bag. How can affect your business you might wonder? Well, aside from the obvious fact that you’d be preserving nature and planet that we live on, having a ‘green’ product package can be a very good marketing feature. We live in an era where we’re constantly reminded in how serious the environmental crisis is, therefore, many people are more cautious these days about what they buy and will avoid materials that are not kind to the environment. With that being said, having an adequate package can only mean positive feedback.

4. They come in various sizes

Opting out for a pouch can also be very good if your product has several different standardized sizes. That offers a variety of options for a consumer to choose from. Not everyone might need 500 grams of coffee, but that 200-gram package will just hit the sweet spot for them. Maybe you’ll manage to strike a deal with a coffee shop or a restaurant and you’ll need to supply them with several pounds of coffee a week. That is much easier if you can pack your product by the kilo. Once again, it saves money and time and that is crucial for good business.

5. They come in different styles

As we’ve mentioned previously, you can print out your logo on them, paint it any colour you want, leave it transparent, it’s up to you. Let’s take this, for example, you’re selling coffee beans for espresso machines, but you’re also offering ground coffee. If you don’t want to change too much about your package, say colour, for instance, you could get a pouch with a ‘window’. What this essentially means, you could keep your whole look, just change a couple of letters and have a transparent part on your pouch to differentiate the beans from ground coffee.

6. They keep the product fresh

Having a great package is more than a simple marketing tool, it has to keep whatever is inside fresh. Pouches are great for it because they can be resealed. You know that the most people just pour whatever they buy right out of the box into a special container that they can properly close, well, that doesn’t have to be the case with your coffee bag. Your bag will keep the coffee fresh and tasty for a long time and your custom print will constantly remind you customers about how great it is. And they will certainly appreciate it. Having to spend money on some vacuum-sealed jar, just so you can enjoy fresh coffee for a week should not be a standard. Make sure you opt out for a re-sealable lid, your customers will be thankful.

That would bring our list to a close, hopefully, you now have a better understanding of why a custom coffee bag would be a great asset for your business.

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