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5 Major Advantages Of Studying Medicine Abroad – 2020 Guide

You are just at one of the biggest milestones in your life. You have finished high school and now it is your turn to choose a profession you will do for the rest of your life. Primary and secondary school are something that goes without saying, you learn mostly general things, you live with your parents and it is a very carefree period. But now is the time for college. This is where your life changes radically in every way. First, you will move out of your home and live alone. But what’s even more important is what will be your major in college. If studying medicine is your choice, congratulations. You have tackled a big challenge, but it’s worth it. You will be a respectable member of society and you will save numerous lives during your career.

But maybe you want to not only move from your hometown to another in your state where the university is but are considering going abroad to study? It’s a great idea and has many benefits, and we will tell you which are the biggest benefits of studying medicine abroad.

1. Positive impact on your resume

Your resume or as it is officially called curriculum vitae will be crucial for getting a job during your life. It will contain various information about you, and education will be among the most important things. If you have the opportunity to study abroad at a more prestigious university than the one available to you in your country, then this will positively affect your CV. Also people generally tend to find foreign universities in respectable countries very valuable, even if they don’t check it first. All of this will lead to you having more choice when you want to get a job or when you are looking for a doctoral degree scholarship. That way, you will stand out among the other candidates.

2. Opportunity to find out the results of new research

Medical research is taking place all over the world constantly. Although the Internet has made it much easier to connect different research centers with each other, not all knowledge is implemented equally everywhere. If you decide to study abroad, you will surely learn many things that you would not be able to learn in your own country. You will learn new approaches to treating the disease. Doctors have different methods in Asia, Europe and America. Although many things are the same everywhere, there are variations. That is why certain clinical centers around the world are known for treating certain diseases and then people go there to be treated. All this will significantly increase your knowledge. With all the knowledge available in your country, you will add much more. Maybe that’s what makes you come up with something new. When choosing a place to go, explore how much innovation there is in that country.

3. You will improve your knowledge of a foreign language

If you do not choose a country where the same language is spoken as in your home country, you will improve your knowledge of a foreign language so much that you will know it at a very high level. In order to study and live somewhere, you need to be completely fluent. This advantage is applicable to any study abroad, but not only to medicine. But the advantage of medicine is that you will fully master your profession in that language, so it will open up opportunities for you to work in many countries around the world. For example, if your mother tongue is English and you are studying in Spanish, you will have almost the whole world at your disposal to work in your profession.

4. Lower costs

If you are from the USA, you will have incomparably lower costs in almost all other countries. Tuition fees are incomparably lower everywhere in the world. In most countries of the European Union and Europe in general, tuition fees will range from thousands to several thousand dollars a year. In the USA, it is not uncommon for tuition to cost fifty thousand dollars a year at the most prestigious universities. It may be cheaper for you to live somewhere and pay tuition than to just pay tuition in the USA. Asia is also a great option. For example, the Philippines, which is considered a country with a stable political and economic situation. You only need a few hundred dollars a month to make a living there, while tuition varies around a few thousand dollars. All your expenses should be between five and ten thousand dollars a year, which is very affordable. Check here for more details about studying in the Philippines. Many colleges, such as UV Gullas College of Medicine, also offer on-campus accommodation, which is a great option so you don’t have to look for accommodation in a foreign country yourself.

5. Shorter duration

As school systems vary depending on the part of the world, so does the length of study. In the United States and Canada, you cannot enroll in medicine directly from high school. You have to finish something called pre-medical first. In those two countries, after graduating from high school, you are considered to be undergraduate and then it is necessary to finish pre-medical before enrolling in university. In this way, the long duration of medical school everywhere in the world will be further extended and will last a total of at least 8 years. There is no pre-medical in Europe, but it goes directly from university to high school, which shortens the duration to 6 years. This is not a small difference at all, but it will significantly affect your budget as well as your time, because you will be able to get a job faster.


As you can see, there are many benefits. It is necessary to be sure that you can be separated for so much time from family and friends and live in a foreign country. If you can handle it, then this is a great choice.

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